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Prof. Ahmad Mohammad Hamdan Dean Academic RankProfessor


  • Orthodontics

Research Interests:

  • Treatment need, Treatment Standards, Education, Cephalometrics, Perceptions of treatment need, Bullying and self harm related to orthodontics, Quality of Life


University of Birmingham
• Dean School of Dentistry, University of Jordan, • Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, University of Jordan • Associate Professor in Orthodontics, Virginia Commonwealth University • Consultant Orthodontist, Aramco Services Company, Saudi Arabia • Lecturer in Orthodontics, University of Birmingham • Head of Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Community Dentistry, University of Jordan
• Board of Trustees, Hashemite University, Jordan • Associate Editor – The Angle Orthodontist • Higher Specialty Commission for Medical Malpractice, Ministry of Health, Jordan • Executive Board Member, Jordan Medical Council • Senior Consultant Orthodontist Jordan University Hospital, Jordan • Examiner, Jordanian Board of Orthodontics, Jordan Medical Council
• Angle Orthodontic Society • British Orthodontic Society • Jordanian Orthodontic Society • Arab Orthodontic Society • Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of England • Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
• Perceived orthodontic treatment need • Self-harm and QoL related to orthodontics
Al-Bitar ZB, Sonbol HN, Al-Omari IK, Badran SA, Naini FB, Al-Omiri MK, Hamdan AM (2022) Self-harm, Dentofacial Features and Bullying American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 162, 80-92 Baqain L, Garcia L, Tarawneh S, Hadidi A, Omer A, Hamdan AM, Baqain Z (2021) A Multi-Site Survey of Dentists Perspective Dentists Knowledge, Attitudes and Professional Behavior towards COVID-19 pandemic Journal of the American Dental Association, 152, 16-24. Hamdan A.M., Lewis S.M,. Kelleher K.E., Elhady S.N., Lindauer S.J. (2019) Does overbite reduction effect smile esthetics? The Angle Orthodontist, 89, 847-854. Hamdan A.M., Maxfield B., Tufekci E., Shroff B. and Lindauer S. (2012) Preventing and treating white spot lesions associated with orthodontic treatment: a survey of general dentists and orthodontists. Journal of the American Dental Association, 143, 777-783. Hamdan A. and Rock W.P. (2008) The effect of different combinations of tip and torque on archwire/bracket friction. European Journal of Orthodontics, 30, 508-513. Hamdan A.M., Al-Omari I.K. and Al-Bitar Z (2007) Ranking dental aesthetics and thresholds of treatment need: A comparison between patients, parents and dentists European Journal of Orthodontics, 29, 366-371 Hamdan A.M. (2004) The relationship between patient, parent and clinician perceived need and normative orthodontic treatment need. European Journal of Orthodontics, 26, 265-71 Hamdan A.M. and Rock W.P. (2001) Cephalometric norms in an Arabic population Journal of Orthodontics, 28, 297-300. Hamdan, A. M. and Rock W. P. (1999) An Appraisal of the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR Index) and a suggested new weighting system European Journal of Orthodontics, 21, 181-192
• University of Birmingham MSc projects: -A treatment difficulty index for unerupted maxillary canines -An Index for orthodontic treatment complexity -Assessment of the relationship between perceptions of dental aesthetics and demand for orthodontic treatment in 10 – 11 year old school children in Birmingham, UK. • University of Birmingham PhD project: -Students’ attitudes towards an on-line orthodontic learning resource • University of Jordan MSc projects: -Do multiple deviations from normal occlusion affect the validity of the IOTN index -Does taking a CBCT influence the treatment planning decision for impacted maxillary canines
• Higher education and training scholarship from the University of Jordan to obtain an MSc and PhD in Orthodontics. Scholarship period: 4 years • Higher education Grant from the British Council / Amman - Jordan, covering tuition fees at the University of Birmingham, UK. Grant period: 3 years • Deanship of Scientific Research Award – May 2000, in support of study entitled “Cephalometric Norms in an Arabic Population”. • Deans’ Funding Initiative Award – January 2007, in support of study entitled “The response of the dentine-pulp complex to variation in force magnitude and duration”. University of Birmingham, UK • Award from the Global Child Dental Fund (UK) – March 2010, to obtain Certificate of Advanced Dental Public Health Leadership, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Kings College London Dental Institute.
Stimulate analytic thinking, self-learning and life long learning
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