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Internship Program

College of Dental Medicine provides Dental Internship Program after achieving Bachelor of Dental Surgery. The duration of the Internship Program is 12 months with 3 rotations. The intern remains in each rotation for 4 months, the rotations are:

-         Restorative Dentistry

-         Oral Medicine & Oral Surgery

-         Community and Pediatric Dentistry

General professional training provides exciting opportunities for the newly graduates and is designed to provide broad based clinical training in several disciplines of dentistry to prepare the graduate for subsequent training in the career of their choice. This is supported by an educational process.

The faculty in the College of Dental Medicine have put together programs to assist newly-graduated clinicians to develop their skills in all facets of general dentistry. Interns will have the opportunity to treat more advanced and complex cases thus discovering perhaps new areas of special interest in the clinical treatment of patients. These programs also allow the new graduate to discover or confirm potential fields for additional graduate study in the future.

The aim of the Clinical Training Programs is to ensure that all dentists upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills, both to benefit their patients and to enhance the quality of their own professional lives.

The internship program formalizes good practice and gives all dentists personal responsibility to direct their own learning in the interests of their patients. All dentists should participate in continuing professional development. The continuum of training and education begins as an undergraduate and continues after qualification over the practicing career.

A consistent and high standard of postgraduate dental education is essential to sustain and improve patient care. The College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah plays a key role in this process.

​For enquiry please contact: Mrs. Maitha Altamimi +971 6 5057601