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Students Projects

​Under Graduate Projects

Academic Year -- 2022/2021

Supervisor  Topic 
Nayera Alreyah Prof. Natheer Al Rawi The quality of sleep among dental practitioners and its relation to depression, stress and anxiety in the UAE.
Randa Ghadban
Tala Hayder
Yoser Aljendi

Names Supervisor  Topic 
Yousser Aljanabi Dr. Mohannad Nasar Eco-friendly dentistry 
Wed Shalan
Hajar Elnagar
Maryam Alawadhi 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Majd Alsaffarini  Dr. Moh'd Adel Mofti Developing an Artificial Intelligence Solution for Instant Dental Charting
Noor Wael  Almahmeed  
Sara Kamal 
Wael Kharoufah 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Alaa Hafiz  Dr Basheer Salman The use of chlorhexidine and Hyaluronic acid in preventing post extraction complications and promoting wound healing after third molar extractions 
Nasser Aladra
Asma'a Alhaj
Mohammed Waiel 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Abdullah khasawneh Dr. Saad AlBayatti Reasons of repitition of x-rays among undergraduate dental students
Abdulsalam Al Deri
Ahmed Essam
Patrick Armanious
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Rafiq Maged Dr. Shishir Shetty Application of ergonomics principles among dental students in a clinical practice - An observational study
Noor Al Khayat
Rayaheen Kildar
Helia Sadeghi
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Haneen Shuaeeb  Prof. Ensanya Abu Neel Fracture resistance, cuspal strain, cyclic fatigue of Endodontically Treated Teeth restored With Bulk Fill, Fiber-reinforced, and Conventional Resin Composite: A comparative in Vitro study
Haneen Khajah
Raneem Emad
Laila Sami
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Hadeel Fares Prof. Natheer Al Rawi Morphological variations of the nasopalatine canal in relation to the dentate state using CBCT among UAE population; A retrospective study
Argwan Esam
Aya Basmaji
Yamina Baaziz
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Salma Khalil Prof.Ensanya Abou Neel

Application of nano fibers generated from electrospinning machine in guided tissue regeneration 
Mennatallah Abdulrahman
Ghadeer Imad
Masooma Sayed
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Mhd Oweis Alshamaa Prof. Natheer Al Rawi Occupational noise-induced hearing loss among dental assistants
Naji Saleh
Ali Ameen 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Mostafa Nagi Dr.Ali Qabbani Knowledge and awareness of dental students in uae about use of particulated autogenous dentine graft for socket preservation 
Marwan Awad
Arwa Ahmed
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Mariam Kh Dr Shirshir Shetty Awareness of SMF in south Asian expats in the UAE
AlRayyan Mustafa 
Dania Awais
Mariam Alrasheed
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Malak Bassam  Prof. Ensanya Abou Neel Social Isolation Associated with Tooth Loss among individuals.
Mozah Aadel
Batool rajai
Rasha Khalid 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Deena Mahmoud Prof. Manal Awad University stress factors and its effect on dental students performance
Raneem Usama
Hassan Bassam
Anas al issawi
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Alreem Ahmed Alameeri Prof Manal Awad Burnout prevalence among dental students in the UAE
Amel Khalid Murad
Hessa Rashid Alshamsi
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Amr Ahmed Ibrahim Emam Dr Sunaina Shetty smokeless tobacco prevalence in UAE among south Asian immigrants and locals
Mohamed Hesham Badrkhan Badrkhan
Ahmed Amer Mahmoud Abdelhakim
Abdullaziz Alshatti
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Afrah S Sultan  Dr.Anirudh Acharya  Comparative in vivo evaluation of the effectiveness of different desensitizing agents, biomaterials and laser for treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity”
Mariam alnajjar 
Maryam alketbi
Yara alsabek
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Ahmad Yasin Dr. Suhail Al-Amad Impact of intensive clinical training on dental student's dietary habits.
Ahmed Alkhaja
Nuhail Zeinuddine
Faisal Elkhatib
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Omar Abdulghani Dr. MHD Adel Moufti Investigation of the mechanical properties of 3D printed ceramics
Mohammad Adeeb
Mohammad Ayash
Mohammad Abo Dabaseh
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Sadn almajed Dr.Saaid Al Shehadat A study of distribution of pulp stones in the dental arches of university of Sharjah dental hospital patients by using CBCT
Ghadeer Ali 
Fatma aldhanhani
Anood aladawi
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Tima alshalall Dr. MHD Adel Moufti AI-Assisted Implant Planing for the Maxillary Edentulous spans
Tharwat ayad 
Talal Alfailakawi 
Kawthar Mohammad 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Maznah Hamad Dr. Anirudh Acharya  Estimation of periodontal biotype (gingival thickness)
using gingival transparency in Arab dental students of the College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE.
Sarah Alshammari
Noora Alrashidi
Aisha Almutairi 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
 Alaa AbuAhmed Dr Saaid Alshehadat The use of CBCT in finding C-shaped canals 
Layla abushaban
Benan kaimah
Zahraa qais
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Reem Waleed Khalid  Dr. Omar Shalal Differences between cobalt chromium and acrylic partial dentures in terms of function, durability and esthetics
Farah Ayman Sarhan
Taif S M R Althaher
Tara Kashmoola 
Names Supervisor  Topic 
Fajer Almutairi  Dr. Ahmed Aziz Impact of social media on dentistry 
Shahad Almutairi 
Reema Alghamdi
Razan Alduwailah
Names Supervisor 
Waseem tawba Prof Manal Awad Vaping and anxiety among dental students in UAE 
Mohammed ilyas
Mustafa Khalid
Nour A Almehmeed 


Prof Manal Awad

​ ​ ​ ​
Vaping and anxiety among dental students in UAE 
Mohammed ilyas​
​Waseem tawba
​Mustafa Khalid
Nour A Almehmeed 

Post Graduate Projects

Academic Year 2022/2021

Student's name  Main Supervisor's name Title of the thesis
Amal Abdulghaffar Haji Arab Alblooshi Prof Sausan AlKawas The Efficacy of Salivary Histatin in Closing Wounds on Nicotine pretreated Human periodontal ligament fibroblast cells - In vitro study
Hajir Saeed Mohamed Yarouf Alnaqbi Prof. Mehmet Omer Gorduysus Evaluation of Variations in Root Canal Anatomy and Morphology of Permanent Maxillary Premolars Among Emirate Population Using CBCT
Hiba Abdalla Saeed Alshaiba Al-Ali Dr. Hatem El Damanhoury Wear, Fatigue and Fracture Resistance of Different CAD/CAM Onlays as Abutments for Acetal Resin or Cobalt-Chromium Removable Partial Denture Framework
Alya Hassan Abdalla Alhaway Alzarooni Dr. Betul Rahman Occluding effect of Nd:YAG laser and Gluma Desensitizing Agents on Human Dentinal Tubules: A Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) study
Mariam Ali Hassan Alredhwan Alharthi Prof AB Rani samsudin Impact of oxidative stress and chemokine release following exposure of human osteoblast cells to TiO2 particles with and without antioxidant
Amel Yousif Hussain Habshi Sajwani Dr Saaid Shahedat Efficacy of smear layer removal at the apical one third of the root using different protocols of erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Er:YAG) laser
Amna Hussain Mohamed Abdalla Alhammadi Dr. Betul Rahman Salivary Levels of Macrophage Activating Factor and Macrophage Chemotactic Factor as Prospective Biomarkers of Gingival Inflammation
Amna Saeed Alsaadi Dr.  N​​adia Khalifa Two and Three -Dimensional Wear Analysis of 3D-printed and prefabricated Artificial Denture Teeth
Shaima Ahmed  Dheya  Dr Saaid Shahedat Assessment of canal transportation in curved canals after instrumentation using different Endodontic rotary systems
Amna Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Al Ali Dr. Hatem El Damanhoury Effect of Thickness and Cementation Technique on Fatigue and Fracture Resistance of Feldspathic Ultra-Thin Laminate Veneers
Reem Omar Bakir Abdelrahman Almatrooshi Dr Zaid Ghanem Hamdoon Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction: A Comparative Clinical Study
Fatima Salim Obaid Alqetti Alnuaimi Prof. Colin Murry The relationship between gingival biotype and gingival width and different crown morphology among adult residents of United Arab Emirates
Muna Eisa Mohamed Hassan Prof. Mehmet Omer Gorduysus Reasons for failure of Endodontically treated teeth and assessment of the quality and clinical outcome of endodontic retreatment
Sabha Nasir Ali Binnaya Alqaydi Prof. Colin Murry Correlation of self-perceived halitosis with Volatile sulfur compounds measurements in the oral breath of residents in the United Arab Emirates
Nawal Saeed Ali Alhafri Alketbi
Dr Wael Mohamed Taha Prevalence and characteristics of referred pain in patients diagnosed with temporomandibular disorders according to the Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (DC/TMD)​