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College Overview

The Community College seeks to be recognized as a leading College in the field of intermediate learning and education by offering applied professional practices and skills in various disciplines in the Arab World and the region, and by providing a wide range of applied professional programs which focus on training and community engagement.
The Community College is committed to providing its students with the highest possible quality of education, learning and experience by offering comprehensive platforms of the best intermediate professional education and training and by providing learners with practical and scientific skills as well as the latest technology and communication skills, with a focus on competitiveness, development and UAE community service.
Core Values
•         Enhancement of academic and professional excellence.
•         Integrity, moral and ethical values of all our actions.
•         Trust and respect of all individuals
•         Fairness, openness and honesty.
•         Academic freedom in pursuit of intellectual inquiry.
•         Pursuit of critical inquiry and discovery in research and dissemination of knowledge.
•         Stewardship and fiscal responsibility in our actions.
•         Dedication to the University of Sharjah, to the Community of Sharjah in particular and to the UAE in general.
The Community College has the following objectives that are strongly related to the overall objectives of the University of Sharjah:
1. Promoting excellence in the intermediate education and learning for Diploma holders through the employment sectors.
2.  Graduating competitive professionals who are dedicated to development and community service.
3.  Promoting sustainable and comprehensive professional programs as demanded by the job market.
4.  Promoting community engagement and services towards building a knowledgeable society, including public service and industry, with a view to responding positively to the socio-economic needs of the community.
5.  Promoting relationship with alumni to advance the mission of the college.
6.  Enhancing the University of Sharjah's values outside the classroom.
7.  Developing effective academic and administrative processes that promote excellence in teaching, research and community service.
8.  ​Enhancing technology infrastructure to promote excellence in teaching, research and service in the most efficient manner.