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Poor: (1 to 2 points) Poor: (0 to 4 points) Poor: (0 to 9 points)
Average: (3 points) Average: (5 to 7 points) Average: (10 to 15 points)
Excellent: (4 to 5 points) Excellent: (8 to 10 points) Excellent: (16 to 20 points)

2nd Youth Sustainability Criteria Form
Judge Name
Student Group Name  
SECTION 1: Summary and Title (10%)
Criteria Weight Score
Does the summary explain clearly the video scope and the proposed solution 5
Does the video title reflect the chosen problem and engage the audience 5  
SECTION 2: Quality of the Video (30%)
Criteria Weight Score
Does the video express clearly the problem and solution? 10
Does the video offer a coherent idea, easy to understand? 10  
How good is the video aesthetic quality (images, sound, etc)? 10
SECTION 3: Creativity of the solution/idea (40%)
Criteria Weight Score
How closely the idea/solution is related to the 10 UN Principles and 17 SDGs 20
How original is the presented idea/solution 20  
SECTION 4: Effectivity (20%)
Criteria Weight Score
The degree of usefulness of the proposed solution /idea 10
The degree of feasibility of the proposed solution/idea 10