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  • Each team is expected to shoot a 1-2:30 minutes video highlighting a sustainability issue or problem in the UAE (social or environmental) and to propose a tentative innovative solution:
    • The problem should be related to the 10 UN Principles and 17 SDGs.
    • The video should cryptically propose a solution to the problem.
    • The video can be in Arabic or English

  • Participants must submit a summary explaining the video scope and the proposed solution (maximum 800 words, in a Word document or PFD file) and provide a movie title.

  • Participants will upload the video (MP4 format) and the summary on UoS, CoBA website using the provided link. Participation will be disregarded if:    
    • The video is uploaded without the name(s), affiliation, or summary.
    • If the team passed the deadline.
    • If the video is in low resolution, or it exceeds the duration of 2:30 minutes.