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DATE: March 22nd, 2022
Venue M24 – AlRazi Auditorium

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College of Business Administration


"Carbon-neutral" is the new gold standard. Nowadays, an ever-increasing number of companies, from small startups to global corporations, pledge to become "carbon neutral" or "net-zero" as they start acknowledging their enormous potential to create positive impacts on society and the environment. Certain companies are even going a step further by committing to "net-positive" or "climate positive," aiming to become economic agents who put back more into society, the environment, and the global economy than take out. Putting carbon neutrality at the top of the agenda is not only good for the planet; it is also a catalyst of innovation and creativity and a path to reduce cost, increase revenue and engage stakeholders.

For this second edition of International Forum on Sustainable Development and Sustainable Innovations, the College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah joins forces with the College of Engineering and the College of Fine Arts and Design to offer a multidisciplinary platform that will explore required economic and social transformations to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and pave the way for a sustainable future for all. Through panels discussion, scholars, business leaders, artists, and experts from diverse backgrounds will discuss clean energy, creative design, and the indispensable role of the business sector in achieving a "net positive" and creating a sustainable economy in the UAE.

In the forum's sideline, the top runners' teams of the "2ndYouth Sustainability Competition" will showcase their projects, and a public vote will be conducted to select the winners.