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College of Business Administration


• Each team is expected to shoot a 1-2:30 minutes video highlighting a sustainability issue or problem in the UAE (social or environmental) and to propose a tentative innovative solution.
      a. The problem should be related to the 10 UN Principles and 17 SDGs.
      b. The video should cryptically propose a solution to the problem.
      c. The video can be in Arabic or English

• Participants must submit a summary explaining the video scope and the proposed solution (maximum 800 words, in a Word document or PFD file) and provide a movie title.

• Participants will upload the video (MP4 format) and the summary on UoS, CoBA website using the provided link. Participation will be disregarded if:
      a. The video is uploaded without the name(s), affiliation, or the summary.
      b. If the team passed the deadline.
      c. If the video is in low resolution, or it exceeds the duration of 2:30 minutes.