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Top 5 Winning Videos:

1. Idea: Art of Waste Recovery 

Students names:
Farida Abdeltawab, College of Fine Arts
Gana Mohamed, College of Fine Arts
Taima Luay, College of Fine Arts
Menna Tullah Adel, College of Fine Arts 
Abeer Zafer, College of Fine Arts
Video Link:

2. Idea: Pyrolysis of Plastic Wastes – Sustainable Solution 
Students names:
Amna Alghfeli, College of Engineering 
Khadija Al Ali, College of Engineering 
Reem Alsuwaidi, College of Engineering 
Video Link:

3. Idea: Anaerobic Digestion – A sustainable solution
Students names:
Salma Ehab, College of Engineering 
Ryan Al Kassih, College of Engineering 
Unna Willeann, College of Health Sciences 
Juliana Gelene, College of Engineering 
Maitha Al Remeithi, College of Sciences 
Video Link:

4. Idea: The Blessed Bites
Students names:
Rabiant Ali Sultan, College of Business Administration 
Sabira Bokhari, College of Sciences 
Shareefa Alshehhi, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Studies 
Video Link:

5. Idea: The Earth in between Consumption and Production
Students names:
Miriam Morad, College of Engineering 
Arwa Ahmed Beshir, College of Fine Arts
Abdel Rahman Marwan Mousa Allan, College of Sciences 
Video Link: