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Department Overview

The UoS EMBA program is designed to deliver high quality management education to middle and upper level managers in the private and public sectors with an express emphasis on the Gulf and UAE business environments.
It is intended to be as rewarding as it is rigorous, providing ample opportunities for personal develop­ment and professional growth in an interactive learning and teaching environment. The discourse in the EMBA classroom reflects a participative process of inquiry and insight guided by our highly qualified faculty.
The overall goal of the EMBA is to deepen and broaden the participant's core managerial competencies to en­hance their professional growth further.

Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Discuss the theories and concepts related to various fields of organizational management
  2. Apply technical tools providing up to date solutions to organizational problems
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding and holistic view of organizations
  4. Creatively analyze and solve complex business issues
  5. Adapt to uncertain situations and lead in varying contexts
  6. Apply and adopt ethical standards while being socially responsible
  7. Take proper initiatives and be self-critical
  8. Work effectively in a team
  9. Write effectively using appropriate concepts and research tools
  10. Present complex and various topics effectively and creatively