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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Executive MBA program at the University of Sharjah. 

Our program is designed to provide a high-quality learning experience for mid-career and other accomplished professionals from the industry and government sectors. We realize that you have many options, but our program has distinct advantages; we provide a rigorous program for career-focused professionals with a cutting-edge curriculum taught by highly qualified faculty with an emphasis on international and local environments. You will be able to integrate theory and practice, enabling you to fill knowledge gaps and tackle some of the challenging issues that we currently face including environmental, social, economic, and governance.

​Our Executive MBA program has been offered by the AACSB-accredited College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah since 2000. Our program has the following characteristics, which will add distinct value to your career:
  • Executive Focus: The program is designed for middle to upper-level managers, or those with a business background, who will benefit from an applied business degree to pursue their careers in the private sector, government, or start their own businesses.
  • Comprehensive Education: The program is designed for executives of all academic backgrounds. Those who do not have a background in business are required to complete foundation courses in accounting, finance, management, and economics.
  • Broad Appeal: We aim to offer a program with broad appeal such that it welcomes lawyers, medical professionals, law enforcement and military officers, and engineers and is designed to contribute to their professional growth. Hence, you will benefit from studying alongside like-minded, established professionals with  diverse skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • Personal touch: Our small classes are designed to increase student-faculty engagement. 
  • Applied Focus: Our EMBA program has an applied learning orientation. We focus on projects and real-world problem-solving.
I invite you to explore the program by browsing our website, visiting our office, discussing with our current students and alumni, or contacting myself at

Welcome aboard,

Prof.Hussein A.Hassan Al-Tamimi​
Director of the Graduate Programs (Masters) in the College of Business Administration