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When I applied for EMBA University of Sharjah scholarship, I never thought I'd get it. When I received a call confirming my scholarship, it was one of the happiest days of my life. For me, University of Sharjah was a place I wished to study in from the day I finished my high school in 1999 and now I can say my destiny brought me again after 12 years. I was impressed by the EMBA program because of the varieties of topics we have gone through, the professionalism and experience of the EMBA management and instructors, the team spirits between the students during class & projects and the overall atmosphere in EMBA building & classes. Overall I am very satisfied with the university experience and I wish to continue my PhD in UOS.
Amin K. Al Sahlawi
Regional Manager, Sharjah Islamic Bank
The EMBA program at the University of Sharjah helped me successfully achieve all of the goals I had set for myself at its start. As someone with a background in engineering it was extremely important for me to receive quality practice based on business education that would allow me to navigate the modern business world. The EMBA program was the perfect platform for attaining that knowledge, developing my business competencies as well as expanding my business networks. The business trip at the end of the program exposed me to international business practices and offered excellent opportunities for knowledge exchange and development. I would highly recommend this program to professionals who can share and relate their experiences with the international practices and become exposed to new cases and business scenarios which would help develop their skills and knowledge.
Shihab Al-Midwahi
Operation & Development Manager, ABL Enterprise
"As an alumni of the University of Sharjah in my bachelor's degree I knew what to expect in terms of the quality of education that I would receive in UoS's EMBA program. What I did not expect however, was that it would amount to the life-shaping experience that it was. The classroom discussions with the diverse group of students served as platform for innovation and knowledge exchange; the capable instructors provided guidance and a wealth of updated resources and the week long educational trip to London was an eye opening experience that connected us with leading benchmark organizations and exponentially expanded our networks. Under the leadership of the Dean and the program director and with the support of the team and the College of Business I have no doubt that the program will flourish and continue to grow to bigger and better things."
Eman Al-Mahmoud
Strategist , Sharjah Business Woman Council