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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience of being enrolled in the EMBA program. Deciding to join the program was a difficult and challenging decision for me, as I am from pure clinical background. I was wondering if I would be able to understand the administrative subjects and be aligned with other students. However, the decision was the right decision, I was privileged to be taught by a selective well expert professors as well as being a part in a team with the classmates to share and exchange our experience. The EMBA program has refined my managerial and leadership skills, through understanding the situational leadership styles, when to use them and the main elements to enhance the performance of my team in our organization. This was through understanding three main elements, leadership and organizational support, ability, and the capability. Moreover, during the critical pandemic period, MIS subject enriched my knowledge about the cross functional communication and how to manage the team who are working remotely and enhance their productivity. On the other hand, studying the innovation and organizational changes allowed me to know that there are different tools to facilitate the organizational changes and ease their implementation such as ADKAR model which I was personally implemented to enhance the implementation of the new changes in the excellence program of the hospital. Now, I do understand that the strategic plan is different from strategy which is confused by most of the organization. And there are a lot of sophisticated system which was taught by the DSS subject would help to start the data mining and understand the pattern of any analytical data for the organization. Let me tell you more, that the EMBA program allow me to understand the language of finance and accounting in the executive meeting that I am part of it. On the personal level, now I am more aware about the marketing, and segmentation as well as political and economic news. Finally, Although the period of studying was challenging because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the online study was well organized, with the supportive of Professor Hussain Al Tamimi. This makes me enjoy the study and participant with passion in the classes. I am proud to be a graduate of EMBA program.
Fathyia Al-Marzoqee
I am a graduate of medicine and health sciences from the university of Auckland in New Zealand. I am working now as a Director of Government Communication at Sharjah Capability Development, under the Executive Office of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi. University of Sharjah’s rigorous program allowed me to realize how life can be enhanced, expanded, and fulfilled with a top-level education. The EMBA program at UoS gave me the opportunity to experience real life business cases which makes the program very precious. That experience in a global environment provided me the strategic thinking perspective and empowered me to open new doors aboard. The best thing about studying at UoS was definitely the wisdom of the professors and the high quality of lectures that I had. The relatively small class sizes helped me to grasp the very best technique and knowledge. The timing of the courses helped me as a full-time employee. Just in a year after graduation, I was honored to be nominated as a member of University of Sharjah Advisory Council and Student Representative of College of Graduate Studies and Research. The first thing that came to my mind when I took this new role, was to go over all my key learnings from the sophisticated and intellectual program; whenever you need it in your career, you can return back the resources and freshen up your knowledge. An unforgettable lifetime experience! Becoming a leader isn’t something that happens overnight, but it can be achieved through analysing situations from multiple angles before making decisions and setting the action plan with commitment to improvement through experience. University of Sharjah’s EMBA program gives you the tools to shape your personality. I was honored to be in the University of Sharjah EMBA Program.
Saeed Alhammadi
Director of Government Communication at Sharjah Capability Development