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Department Overview


The Department of Management is committed to providing high quality intellectually challenging educational programs to prepare a new generation of leaders who will be able to contribute to their communities and positively impact the global economy. Presently, the Department offers two bachelor's degrees, i.e., Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (with three concentrations: Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management) and Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management, to meet societal and market demands for talented and well-equipped future workforce. All programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), signifying the quality of our academic program offerings at par at the world standing. Moving forward, the Department is working closely with professional certification bodies to certify our programs, meeting yet another quality standard of achievements and enhancing the employability of our graduates.

Our courses are designed to help learners build and develop four key competencies – creativity and originality, leadership and societal impact, critical analysis and problem solving, and resilience and adaptability – through various innovative teaching and learning methods. Courses related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability are already on offer, and we are also moving toward offering more analytical courses to be in sync with the requirements of the contemporary business world. In addition to classroom instructions, our learners are required to complete a 16-week internship to bridge theory and practice. Professional seminars and workshops given by key people in the industry and government help our learners learn the reality of the contemporary business world. 

Our undergraduate programs require that learners complete 123 credits of courses and attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 during their study duration.


  • ​Design academic programs as platforms for further advancement of our graduates
  • Hire and support responsive scholars/educators
  • Attract aspirant learners
  • Develop a supportive intellectual, professional & learning environment
  • Develop engaging intellectual & learning experiences in line with innovation, technology and sustainability
  • Expand college-society initiatives by working closely with key stakeholders
  • Reinforce the crafting of a distinctive college identity

Objectives, Measurements, and Action Plans

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