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My journey at University of Sharjah started in 2016 when I was accepted in the College of Business Administration with management major. By the end of the first year I wanted to get out of the academic routine, so I started participating in many competitions, whether they have a direct or indirect relationship with my major. I joined the innovation club as a member in the college, my first role was a tour around the UAE universities to promote for the fourth international forum of innovation and entrepreneurship. During the tours I thought about participating in the competition with “The smart library” idea, my belief in the idea and introducing an innovation that will benefit different segments in the society was the first goal of entering the competition, in addition to raising the name of the college with a special work. I participated in the process of organizing the forum in addition to being a contestant, I did not deal with other contestants as a competitor, because I did not forget my role as an organizer and assistant for everyone. The most beautiful thing in my life was winning the first place in the announcement of results in February 2019, here was the start for excellence. One of the most beautiful things in my college is its full support to me in all university participations, as it gave me the opportunity to participate in external forums through nominating me in cooperation with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry to attend (the second forum of Arab entrepreneurs) in Egypt. And there I was chosen by Forum members to conduct a dialogue session as a first session manager from youth category and as a speaker in “creative ideas for inspiring youth” session. In 2020 I joined the Institute of Management Accountants club as a member, we organized many major events that were successful, and this was my last participation in the college where I graduated in the same year. The College of Business Administration contains many creative students. In the College of Business Administration, you will find the engineer businessman, the painter businessman, the doctor businessman, the innovative businessman, the player businessman and many others. As I always say to all students "Don't be the normal student" Let excellence be your goal by joining the College of Business Administration.
Amira Hamed Ali Al-Amri
Spring 2020
I had the best four years of my life at the College of Business Administration. During this time, I have met many amazing people and made long lasting friendships by participating in college events and activities. Everybody is extremely friendly and cooperative, including professors and staff members. In addition, getting a degree from an AACSB accredited college opened many doors for me as I was given the opportunity to continue my postgraduate studies at various top universities. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at CoBA, both academically and socially
Malik AlMousa
I graduated from the University of Sharjah in 2019, with a major in Business Administration. My years in the University is considered to be the most beautiful years of my life. I got too many opportunities as a student to participate in competitions on the University and UAE levels, and I got the chance to win two times in Think Science competition. In my opinion, the University of Sharjah is not like any other university, as the knowledge it gives to the students build and shape them to make them the future leaders
Mohammed Amin Mohammed Hashim Maklai
University Of Sharjah is one of the best universities in the UAE .My College Experience has been great so far, Am Majoring in Marketing and my minor is accounting. Marketing appeals to me it's agreeably the most important department of any Business, and the most interesting course in Business. I would like to take the opportunity to THANK our excellent faculty members, I really Love how they get to know everyone personally and offer their help for everyone studying at the College. COBA has polished my knowledge, skills and ability to face all the challenges in the market. I'm very proud to say that I am a part of COBA
Noor Abugharbieh
Senior Student / Marketing ​​
My overall experience in the University was an amazing one. My course was Business Administration and my emphasis was in Marketing. The professors were very informative in their lectures and they always help when you are in need of one. The course was an interesting one and I found it to be very practical and needful especially in these days where almost everything depends on marketing strategies due to so many competing companies. The course teaches also you to become innovative and broadens ones imagination. The professors also made all these possible and their teaching strategies were interesting. For me, my college years were the best and I wish I could turn back time and be a student once again.
Neveen Mouhtasseb
Marketing Alumni / Receptionist and Administration Support, Raytheon Company
I majored in Business Administration, it was a rewarding experience. I spent in COBA the best time of my life. The atmosphere was friendly and the education level was really high.
Saideh Hassan Jafari
Management Alumni