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Dr.Ray Saadaoui Mallek Assistant Professor Academic RankAssistant Professor


  • Ph.D. Methods of Finance and Accounting, 2016

Research Interests:

  • Behavioral finance, Financial stability, Portfolio Optimization, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Corporate Finance.


• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Finance, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion FSEG, Tunisia 2016 • Master of Finance, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion FSEG, Tunisia 2009 • Bachelor of Finance, IHECS, Tunisia 2007
• Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah UOS (2019/-Present) • Lecturer at the University of Sharjah UoS (2014/2018) • Adjunct instructor at the University of Sharjah UoS (Part time: 2013/2014) • Adjunct instructor at the American University of Sharjah AUS (Part time: 2013/2014)
• CFA research challenge faculty advisor 2019. • Responsible for integrating Bloomberg certificate BMC in the Investment course • Member of a consultancy team about Corporate Governance to the General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare, Dubai, UAE (2016). • Internship Coordinator (UOS-College of Business Administration/2014-2016) • Stock Market Game coordinator (stock game organized Annually by the Dubai Financial Market 2015/Present)
Member of the “International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making” MCDM
• Cyclicality of banks’ credit growth: Conventional vs Islamic banks in the GCC (Under-review) • Trust but verify: herding behavior nexus (Under-review) • Effects of Quantitative Easing on firm performance in the Euro Area (Under-review) • Do Trust and Country Governance Impact Credit Growth in the GCC countries? (Under-review) • What is the levy of behavioral aspect and cultural disparity on banks stability? (In progress) • How financial literacy and trust could guide risk attitude. (In progress) • The forces behind herding behavior in stock markets. (In progress)
• “Trustworthiness, Governance Quality, and Risk-Taking in MENA Countries” (With Mohamed Albaity ad Abu Hanifa Md. Noman). In press, Borsa Istanbul Review. • “Does Competition Lead to Financial Stability or Financial Fragility For Islamic and Conventional Banks? Evidence from the GCC Countries” (With Mohamed Albaity, Hassan Al‐Tamimi,and Abu Hanifa Md. Noman). Published, International Journal of Finance & Economics. • “Competition and Bank Stability in the MENA Region: The Moderating Effect of Islamic Versus Conventional Banks” (With Mohamed Albaity and Abu Hanifa Md. Noman). Emerging Markets Review (2019), 310-325. • “Individual differences and cognitive reflection across gender and nationality the case of the United Arab Emirates” (with Mohamed Albaity). Cogent Economics & Finance (2019). • “Bank competition, stability, and intervention quality” (with Angelos Kanas, Hussein A Hassan Al‐Tamimi, and Mohamed Albaity), International Journal of Finance & Economics (2019), 1-20. • “Single criterion vs. multi-criteria optimal stopping methods for portfolio management” (with Fouad Ben Abdelaziz and Meryem Masmoudi), Journal of the Operational Research Society (2018), 1-11. • “Multi-criteria optimal stopping methods applied to the portfolio optimization problem” (with Fouad Ben Abdelaziz), Annals of Operations Research (2018), 1-18.
MBA Supervision: An Examination of Herding Behvior in GCC during and after Crisis: The Moderating effect of Trustworthiness and Ethical behavior in firms. 2020
• UoS Sustainable Garden Co-leader (2020-Present) • Member of the Cultural and Social Activities Committee (UOS-College level/2015-2017) • Member of Industrial and Professional Relations committee (UOS-Departmental level/2014-Present) • Finance Club coordinator (UOS-Department level/2014-Present)
As an educator, teaching is bracing. I never feel more enthusiastic than after a class has gone well. To this end, I aim to be an effective teacher who is able to impart not only academic knowledge but a wide array of tools that would help the students to both understand real finance problems and tackle existing issues. I believe that all students in my classes have the ability and the potential to conduct a unique impression to the course. The multicultural aspect of the University of Sharjah in particular and the UAE in general sustains this idea. I believe in a class where students learn to respect, accept, and embrace the differences between us as the core of what makes our courses so rich. Is my desire as a finance teacher to support students, meet their potential to the fullest by providing a simulating atmosphere and appropriate advice to improve their curriculum in such competitive professional world (EMBA, MBA, CFA, CFP, etc.). I really appreciate that my teaching evaluations confirm that my students not only learn in my courses but also feel that attending class is rewarding. The college Financial Market and the classrooms design are additional sources of inspiration to engage the students in the investment ambiance. Finally, I would say that I strive to have a balanced and flexible teaching style, instilling my passion for the study of Finance and Financial markets every step of the way. However, my reward lies in seeing that my students passing each one of my courses feeling hopefully one-step better prepared for the fierce competition that awaits them just ahead.
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