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Prof.Hussein Al Tamimi Director of the Graduate Programs (Masters) in the College of Business Administration Academic RankProfessor


  • Ph.D Finance, Dundee University, U.K., 1987

Research Interests:

  • Capital Budgeting, Financial Institutions Management, Financial Markets, Service Quality in Banking, Financial Performance, Behavioral Finance, Risk Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance


Ph.D., Business Finance, July 1987, University of Dundee, UK. MBA, February 1980, Baghdad University, Iraq B.Sc. in Accounting and Business Administration, June 1977, Baghdad University, Iraq.
2016- Present Director, MBA Program 2011-2016 Professor of Finance and Dept. Head 2009-2011 Associate Professor of Finance, University of Sharjah, Dept. Head 2000-2011 Associate Professor of Finance, University of Sharjah/ College of Administration. 2001-2003 Co-ordinator of Professional Development Program, Khofakan, UAE 1996-2000 Associate Professor of Finance and Co-ordinator of Finance and Banking Track, UAE University/ College of Business & Economics (AACSB Accredited College). 1995-1996 Professor of Finance and Head of Department, Al-al- Bayt University/ Faculty of Economics and Administration. 1991-1995 Associate Professor of Finance, Sana’a University 1990-1991 Associate professor of Finance and Head of Banking Department, Institute of Administration – Baghdad 1987-1990 Assistant professor of Finance /Head of Department, Institute of Administration, Baghdad.
• Director of Graduate Programs (Masters Programs, EMBA and MBA) • Director of Graduate Programs (DBA, EMBA and MBA Program • Editor-in-Chief, UOS Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences • Chairman, Dept. of Finance and Economics • Chairman of the Sharjah Islamic Center for Studies and Research in Islamic Finance • Chair of the MBA Committee • Chair of Research and Seminars Committee, College Level • Chair of UoS Business Forum • Chair of the Organizing Committee of the First International Conference on Islamic Finance • Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Organizing Committee of the First International Conference on Islamic Finance • Chair of Business Administration and Law Domain for three years • Chairman of UOS Stock Market Committee • Member of University Award and Prizes Committee (University Level) • Research Award and Teaching Award • Member of University Award and Prizes Committee (University Level) • Sharjah Islamic Bank Award • Member of the Training Council (University Level) – • Member of the Editorial Board of UOS Journal (Social Sciences Journal) • Member of College Council (College level) • Member of College Executive Council (College level) • Member of Advisory Committee of the University of Sharjah Executive MBA (College Level) • Chairman and Member of College Curriculum Committee (College level) • Chairman of the Dept. Curriculum Committee • Chair Recruitment Committee (Departmental Level) • Chair Accreditation Committee (Departmental level)
- The American Finance Association - Financial Management Association International - The American Risk and Insurance Association. - Accounting Association of Australia & New Zealand - Academy of Financial Services
1998-1999 Competitive Research Grant, United Arab Emirates University 2001 -2002 Seed Research Grant, University of Sharjah 2004-2005 Competitive Research Grant, University of Sharjah 2007-2008 Competitive Research Grant, University of Sharjah 2010-2011 Competitive Research Grant, University of Sharjah 2019-2020 Competitive Research Grant, University of Sharjah Project title: Hypothetical Mergers and Acquisitions in MENA Banks 2019-2020 Competitive Research Grant, University of Sharjah Project title: Determinants of Bank Credit in US,UK, Canada and MENA Countries
1. Albaity, M., Mallek, R. S., Bakather, A., & Al-Tamimi, H. A. H. (2023). Heterogeneity of the MENA region's bank stock returns: Does country risk matter?. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 9(2). 2. Albaity, M., Shah, S. F., Al-Tamimi, H. A. H., Rahman, M., & Thangavelu, S. (2023). Country risk and bank returns: Evidence from MENA countries. The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 28. 3. Perdichizzi ,Salvatore Duqi ,Andi , Molyneux ,Philip , Al -Tamimi ,Hussein. Does unconventional monetary policy boost local economic development? The case of TLTROs and Italy9 , Journal of Banking and Finance,148 (2023) 106736. 4. Albaity, Mohamed; Saadaoui Mallek, Ray; Al-Tamimi, Hussein A. Hassan; Molyneux, Philip (2022).Do Trust and Country Governance Affect Credit Growth in the GCC countries. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, forthcoming. 5. Al-Baity, M. and Ray, S.M, Abu MD Noman and Al-Tamimi, H.A (2022) Bank Credit Growth and Trust: Does Institutional Quality Matter? Evidence from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Asian Development Review,39(02), 223-259. 6. Dibooglu, S., Cevik, E. I.,& Al-Tamimi, H. Hussein (2022). Credit Default Risk in Islamic and Conventional Banks: Evidence from a GARCH Option Pricing Model ,  Economic Analysis and Policy, 75 (2022) 396–411,. 7. Al-Tamimi, H. Hussein, A.Duqi,A., Kanas, A., Zervopoulos, P. D. (2021). Directional distance function DEA estimators for evaluating efficiency gains from possible mergers and acquisitions, Journal of the Operational Research Society., 72(5 ) pp.1-18.. 8. Jaber,R & Al-Tamimi, H. Hussein A.(2021),Factors Influencing the Effective Implementation of Basel III: An Empirical Analysis of the UAE Banks, Banks and Bank Systems, 16(1),152-167. 9. Al-Baity, M. and Ray, S.M, Al-Tamimi, H.A, and abuhanifa,S,(2020). Does Competition Lead to Financial Stability or Financial Fragility For Islamic and Conventional Banks? Evidence from the GCC Countries. International Journal of Finance and Economics,24(1),568-587. 10. Abdallah, Mohamad, Al-Tamimi, Hussein, Duqi, Andi(2021). Real Estate Investors’ Behavior. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets. 13(1),82-98. 11. Kanas, A., Al-Tamimi, H. Al-Baity, M. and Ray, S.M(2019). Bank competition, stability, and intervention quality, International Journal of Finance & Economics, 24(1),pp.568-587. 12. Duqi, A., Al-Tamimi, H. Factors Affecting Investors’ Decision Regarding Investment in Islamic Sukuk(2019), Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, 11(1),60-72.. 13. Duqi, A., & Al-Tamimi, H. (2018). The Impact of Owner’s Identity on Banks’ Capital Adequacy and Liquidity Risk. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 54(2), 468-488.‏ 14. Al-Tamimi, H., Hussein, Warsame,M. & Duqi,A.(2016). Readiness of the UAE Banks for the Implementation of Basel III, International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 11(4),303-316.. 15. Al-Tamimi, H., Hussein, A., Miniaoui, H., & Elkelish, W. W. (2015). Financial Risk and Islamic Banks’ Performance in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. The International Journal of Business and Finance Research, 9(5), 103-112. 16. Al-Tamimi, H. Hussein, A. (2014). Corporate social responsibility practices of UAE banks. Global Journal of Business Research, 8(3), 91-108.
A large number of Ph.D., M.B.A, EMBA, Higher Diploma theses and Bachelor degree projects have been conducted by students under my supervision in the field of finance and banking.
- Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Sharjah,2015/2016 - Outstanding faculty member, College of Business Administration,2013-2014. - Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Sharjah,2012/2013 - Award of the best professor in Financial Management from the World Education Congress, 2011. - Member of International Accreditation Organization (IAO), 2011. A commission evaluation member to represent the Emirate of Sharjah - Excellence in Research Award, University of Sharjah, 2008/ 2009 - The Winner of Alowais Research Prize, 2005 - Excellence in Research Award, University of Sharjah, 2001/ 2002 - Excellence in Teaching Award, UAE University, 1998/‏‏ 1999. - Excellence in Teaching Award, Sana’a University, 1991/1992.
- Consulting Consulting Project for the Municipality of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaima: Review and Development of the Municipality Strategic Plan (2008-2011) and Alignment of Structure and Job Design. Consulting Project for the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare: Corporate Governance of the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, 2016-2017. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Sharjah Award for the best Doctoral Dissertations in the Administrative Sciences in the Arab Region, 2016-present. - International Conferences and Business Forum Organizations Chair of the Organizing Committee of the First Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Finance,2014 Chair of the Scientific Committee of the First Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Finance,2014. Chair of the Organizing Committee of UoS Business Forum,2014. Chair of the College’s International Conference Scientific Committee,2011-2012. Chair of the Organizing Committee of UoS Business Forum,2010-2011. Served in many Committees on the University /College and Department levels.
My main goal is to see my students learn. Students often ask me why I teach and why I’m not in industry seeking greater financial rewards. In short, I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from teaching. I enjoy providing students with the contemporary financial tools and techniques that have proven to be successful in the real world. I enjoy learning from my students as much as I hope they enjoy learning from me. As an instructor, I am responsible for leading students to and through the information they are expected to learn and to test them from time to time on how well they have mastered this information. I emphasize in all my courses the relevance and usefulness of each topic for real world situations and practical problem solving. I will endeavor to present information in a form that my students can understand, and I expect them to learn this information well enough to pass courses to be taught. Personal contact with students is essential to my approach. Many need encouragement to talk to their instructors, so I emphasize my availability for informal discussion and my willingness to help them sort out any problems they have with what they are learning. In addition to my interaction with students in classes, I maintain an open door policy, and spend a large part of my day interacting with students on a one-on-one basis My experience as an instructor is greatly enriched by this contact with students. Furthermore, I tried very hard to keep in touch with my students once they leave my classes, and still have strong connections with many former students who have since gone to graduate school or into the work force. I played an instrumental and leading role in the curriculum development of the Finance program, this has led to the establishment of the Department of Finance and Economics in 2012-2113, and I have been the Chair of the Department from 2011-2016 and currently I’m the Director of MBA program. In addition, I’m the chair of the UOS Financial Market committee, which resulted in the establishment of this market. Also, I was the coordinator of Sharjah Islamic Center for Islamic Banking Studies for more than three years that led to the establishment of this Center. My vision for the future in academic teaching is directly connected with the above mentioned three leading roles at the University of Sharjah. My vision can be summarized as follows: Firstly, as Professor of Finance, my target is to make the Finance Program the most leading program on the college and the country level, with more emphasis on the adoption of new teaching methods and the use of IT in teaching, particularly the use of software in the Finance courses, in order to make the maximum benefits of the establishment of the UOS Financial Market. In addition, I will concentrate more on the curriculum development, as we need to submit the accreditation file for the full accreditation. Secondly, for the Financial Market, of which I am proud to make our University the pioneer in the region in this regard, I will also work to utilize the financial market for academic purpose. In this regard, I will work with my colleagues to make it part of the curriculum for more than 50 percent of the Finance courses. In addition, my aspiration is to have a live connection with the regional and international markets. Thirdly, regarding the Sharjah Islamic Center for Islamic Banking Studies; as a coordinator leading a team that have worked on the establishment of this Center, I will continue in my support, and my emphasis will be on the academic and professional programs. The main contribution will be on curriculum development for these programs.
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