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Department Overview


The objectives of the Department of Finance and Economics are:

  1. Design academic programs as platforms for further advancement of our graduates
  2. Hire and support responsive scholars/educators
  3. Attract aspirant students
  4. Develop a supportive intellectual, professional & learning environment
  5. Develop engaging intellectual & learning experiences
  6. Expand college-society initiatives by working closely with key stakeholders
  7. Reinforce the crafting of a distinctive college identity


B.Sc in Finance Program Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the program, students should be able to:

  1. Make use of theories and methods in Finance to reach sound financial decisions
  2. Critically analyze the financial decision - making process in corporations, investment firms, banks, and other financial institutions
  3. Develop innovative and advanced approaches to evaluate the operations of financial markets and institutions
  4. Design solutions for real world Finance problems individually and as a team
  5. Analyze ethical, global and cultural issues related to the real world
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of financial regulations, standards, codes and corporate policies for compliance and for ensuring financial stability
  7. Analyze the features of the UAE/Gulf financial environment in the context of global financial environments and draw conclusions about financial resilience & stability
  8. Apply information technology and quantitative methods in research and evaluate the results in the area of finance individually and in groups