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Graduate Career Opportunities

A degree in finance will provide students with the necessary background to embark on wide variety of careers in the field, such as:
Corporate Finance: Graduates can be employed in financial management positions in any of several capacities. They may handle cash and working capital, conduct project analysis for a firm's investment decisions, or raise funds in the capital markets or manage risks.

Investments: Graduates can fill positions in investment as stock brokers, bond brokers, traders, or company research and investment analysts.

Banking: Graduates employed in the banking sector usually serve as loan officers, or credit analysts. They also help manage customers' money through the trust department or the bank's funds through its investment department.

Financial Planning Consultation: Graduates employed in the area of financial planning consultation generally work with clients to determine the best mix of investments and insurance.

Real Estate: Graduates who work in real estate often work as real estate brokers or in real estate firms developing, financing, and valuing property. There are also opportunities in financial institutions or in the management of a company's real property.

Insurance: Some graduates choose the insurance industry working as sales representatives, analysts or actuaries.

Investment Banking: Employees in this area deal with fund raising for corporations from capital markets through public offer of securities, institutional placements of securities etc.

Treasury: Graduates in this area deal with risk management, hedging, and currency trading.

Fund Managers: Fund managers manage investments of securities in financial markets.

Islamic Banking: This is a fast growing area in the banking sector with numerous opportunities for finance graduates with adequate knowledge of Islamic banking.

Government: Finance graduates are often employed by government agencies to conduct project analysis and manage public finances.

The new major also prepares students to pursue graduate studies in finance. For example, they will be academically prepared to receive prestigious professional certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Financial Management (CFM) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP).