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Finance Club

CoBA Finance Club


Section I – Name, Mission & Vision

This association is known as the College of Business Administration (CoBA) Finance Club hereafter CoBA Finance Club.



To establish and promote CoBA Finance Club as a strong, active and unified student association and being widely recognized as a reputable and prominent student body.



To be an association that engages students and encourages them to have a voice, fulfil their potential and get the most out of their university experience mainly in the field of business and finance.


Section II – Purpose & Goals

The purpose of CoBA Finance Club is to:

  • effectively support students pursuing careers in finance
  • train and educate club members in finance and attending interviews
  • assist in career exploration within finance-related industries and functions
  • help students understand the nature of job opportunities available in the financial sector
  • provide a forum to assist students acquire interview and networking skills
  • provide a platform where financial corporates, academicians and students can exchange innovative ideas for the betterment of the society as a whole
  • help students to improve their quantitative and analytical thinking skills
  • organize at least two student events every academic year

Section III – Membership

Membership is limited to students majoring in finance, who have completed at least 30 credit hours and are not on academic probation (GPA less than 2.0) or facing any kind of disciplinary action. In addition, the applicant must have at least two more semesters to graduate (i.e. needs 30 or more credit hours to finish). One  membership obligation is participation in at least one of the many events held each term. The CoBA Finance Club does not discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, gender, class, age, marital status, family status, or mental and/or physical ability.


Section VI – Election of Officers

Election of Office

Election of officers is conducted through an anonyms vote by general club members.  If two candidates tie for a position, a runoff election will be held between the two candidates.  If the two candidates still tie, the current president has the casting vote.  Officer positions include chair, vice chair and treasurer. 

New officers are elected during the fall semester of each academic year upon receiving security approval. Club officers serve for one academic year and until the end of the summer semester. 


Each academic year, names  of CoBA Finance Club advisors will be announced by the dean of the college based on department chair recommendations.


Duties of the officers



  • Preside over all meetings
  • Lead event organization
  • Represent association on campus
  • Maintain communication with association advisor


Vice Chair

  • Preside over meeting in the absence of the chair
  • Assist in the event organization
  • Assist in the preparation of any field trip



  • Maintain accurate records of association transactions
  • Collect dues
  • Oversee expenditures to assure they do not exceed the current balance
  • Assist in event organization



  • Maintain communication and meet with officers regularly
  • Oversee club activities including financial expenditures
  • Ensure that the organization is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by University of Sharjah