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Dr.Omaima Mohamed Elsayed Abouelkheir Associate Professor Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Sociology

Research Interests:

  • Women's issues, gender, youth, and social elites


PhD is Sociology, Egypt
Associate Professor in Sociology Department
- Associate member of the Arab Council of Social Sciences, Beirut, Lebanon. - Member of the Association of sociologists, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. - Member of the Association of Graduates from departments of sociology, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.
- Associate member of the Arab Council of Social Sciences, Beirut, Lebanon. - Member of the Association of sociologists, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. - Member of the Association of Graduates from departments of sociology, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. - Member of Association committee of the supreme council of Culture, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.
- Omaima Abu al-Khair and others: The role of modern means and technologies in developing the educational process, a field study on a sample of undergraduate students in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sharjah, 2021 - Omaima Abu Al-Khair, Abdullah Al-Munazel and others: The participatory relationship between the school and parents in the society of the United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education and the Regional Center for Educational Planning - Sharjah, 2020.
- Omaima Abouelkheir : Social Problems Facing Arab Women A Case Study on a Sample of Al Sharjah University Female Students . - Omaima Abouelkheir : Social Factors Influencing Joining Political Violence Groups An Analysis of the Role of Social Environment and Family . - Omaima Abu al-Khair: Emirati women's problems between political empowerment and community empowerment, a case study, Journal of the College of Arts, University of Baghdad, p. 128, 2019. - Omaima Abouelkheir: Social elites and the public sphere Sociological analysis of a dialectical relationship, European Journal of social sciences, Volume 57, Issue 3,2019 . - Omaima Abouelkheir : The role of Sheikh Zayed’s efforts and policies in developing the status of Emirati women . - Omaima Abouelkheir : Women and the phenomenon of poverty Sociological Perspective on the suffering of women in poor households . - Omaima Abouelkheir : Emirati women's problems between political empowerment and community empowerment - Case Study
- Doctoral thesis plan within the requirements for obtaining a PhD in Applied Sociology, specialization: Development policy, the impact of family cohesion policies of the government of the United Arab Emirates on social cohesion, "An analytical study of policies on a number of federal institutions in the state" during the period 2016-2021 Prepared by the student: Sheikha Nasser Salem Misfer Al-Karbi - A research plan for a doctoral thesis in sociology entitled “The United Arab Emirates’ policy in child protection according to international laws and legislation (analytical and evaluative study of policies, institutions and services) on a sample of workers in social institutions in the state and families of children benefiting from institutions services 2021 Prepared by the student: Fatima Ali Al Marzouki
- Obtaining the Abu Dhabi University award in the scientific research category in 2018, which was organized on the occasion of the Year of Zayed. - Shield of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, for participation in the training of academic advisors, 2017. - Encouraging prize of the University of Sharjah in the field of teaching for the academic year 2015/2016. - Ajman Businesswomen's Chamber Shield, November 2016. - Shield of the Women's Union in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, for participating in the activities of the International Women's Day, entitled Women after retirement, a spring that is renewed, March, 2012. - Research grant from the Youth Research Program, Center for Social Research, American University. Middle East Research Program Award (El Meirc). - Scholarship from the Arab Women Organization, League of Arab States, October 2007. - Medal from the National Center for Social and Criminological Research for the work and efforts exerted in organizing and coordinating the center's golden jubilee celebration.
- Participation in preparing a report on women's empowerment for the Women's Union in Abu Dhabi - Participation in teaching in continuing education programs (diploma of social work, diploma of family counseling) Participation in the arbitration of the Rashid bin Humaid Prize for Culture and Science (38) - Arbitration of articles for a social affairs magazine - Publishing articles in All Family magazine - Participation in the organization of the first international virtual conference entitled "Drug control and rehabilitation of addicts, practical experiences and scientific approaches." - Attending the training workshop "Stress Management" within the innovative and awareness-raising program for community service The importance of social entrepreneurship for students of the University of Sharjah - Attending the training workshop to acquire and develop the ability to adapt in light of Covid 19 - Attending a volunteer seminar in the UAE - Attending the training workshop protocols and etiquette. - Attending the training workshop to solve problems and make decisions. - Attending the training workshop Positive Psychology during Covid 19 - Attending the training workshop Be smarter than your smartphone. - Attending the student forum to celebrate the Human Fraternity Day. - Attending the second student forum, skills and steps for preparing the academic poster and mental maps. - Participation in the implementation of the virtual camp of the guiding movement "Together for Peace". - Attending the student exhibition for the efforts of the United Arab Emirates in achieving social justice.
I believe that the teaching profession is one of the unique and completely different professions from many other professions. It is a profession with a human mission that is responsible for transferring knowledge to others, and it requires special skills due to constant contact and interaction with people of different gender, nationality, culture, class status...etc. The sanctity of the profession requires us to br always in diligent attempts for training and development to be as high as the majesty and greatness of the profession. In support of this philosophy, I aim to: -Development and renewal in the profession in accordance with the developments on the ground, so I joined most of the workshops and courses concerned with developing teaching and learning skills. -The principles that I take into account when practicing the profession are the principle of individual differences, because it enables them to invest in special abilities and develop creativity and innovation among students, while at the same time strengthening and empowering the defaulters among them. -Providing students with the ability to think, critically and objectively, and solve problems. -Strengthening some values through the educational process, such as: democracy, acceptance of others, dialogue...etc. -Link what the student learns to the lived reality and the changing events taking place in his society, which supports his knowledge and information.
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