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Chair's Welcome

The Department of Sociology was one of the earliest departments of the College of Arts and Sciences, which opened at the establishment of the University of Sharjah in 1997.  Following the reorganization of the university in 2009/2010, it became one of the main departments of the college of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

The Department's vision is to provide quality education that is compatible to local and regional levels and that is progressively improved to reach international standards. Through this education, students acquire the scientific knowledge and technical skills necessary to understand and effectively contribute to the resolution of social problems in their community.

Over the past ten years, the department has witnessed a steady growth that is reflected in the increasing number of faculty members and students, and in the foundation of department branches in Khorfakan and Al-Dhaid. In the academic year 2007/08, the number of female students was estimated at 272, whereas today there are 1284 male and female students. M.A. Applied Sociology students numbered 18 when it was first offered in 2008/2009, reaching 111 students this academic year. Likewise, the number of doctoral students increased from fifteen to 72. The department had only seven faculties in 2007/08. This number has reached 23 today. ​

Currently, it is the largest department in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, as it accounts for 40% of its student population. Originally, registration in the Department of Sociology was limited to female students, whereas now it accepts both male and female students, in both the main campus and other regional campuses.

The department offers three undergraduate and graduate programs in sociology. Furthermore, it is planning to launch two additional graduate programs in crime and criminal justice.

The Department of Sociology recruits faculty who are competent and highly experienced in the areas of research, teaching and community service. They constitute a highly efficient group that is characterized by its team spirit. This provides students with a valuable opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge and advanced technical skills for the service of their community.

​​Head of Sociology Department