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I am proud and grateful that I am a graduate of the distinguished and prestigious University of Sharjah. My experience with studying for a doctorate is a distinguished experience as it has been reflected in my professional and family life in particular in
Dr. Fatima Khamis Al-Raisi
Director of the Customer Happiness Center - Ministry of Community Development
A long and arduous journey. Sometimes you progress and sometimes obstacles prevent you from progressing. We faced difficulties, but passion moved us forward, and with the support of our family, we reached safety. Many times I did not expect that I would reach graduation, but God Almighty is the one who grants success.
Aisha Al-Muhyas
EHRC Consultant
I joined the department as a passionate bachelor’s student who wanted to learn, study and train. I graduated from the bachelor’s degree with distinction with first class honors, and I moved away from the university and the department. The light in my eyes disappeared with the death of my father. As soon as I gathered my strength, I returned as a master’s student, researching and learning, and a teaching assistant in the Sociology Department. I learned and studied under the hands of my professor, and I gained a lot from them, and upon completion of my master’s consultations. I discovered that my passion was not over, so I applied for a doctorate and obtained a research assistant scholarship from the Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sharjah. And here I am today, ending the journey with honor, passion, gratitude, and gratitude to everyone who helped, guided, and directed me, so thank you all.
Fatima Algharbawi
University of Sharjah
God favored me, so I joined the University of Sharjah in the spring of 2013. I studied in the Bachelor of Arts program in sociology. I studied under an elite group of professors, including Dr. Ahmed Khattabi, may God have mercy on him, Professor Dr. Nayef Al-Banawi, may God protect him, and Dr. Ibrahim Touhami, may God protect him. I graduated from university. With a distinction with first class honors, and this, after the grace of God, is what qualified me to obtain a teaching assistant scholarship in this solid scientific edifice. So I completed my master’s degree in applied sociology and obtained a master’s degree with distinction. I realized that the University of Sharjah, with all the elements of success and distinction it occupies at the level of local, regional and international universities, is the best option for completing the doctoral program. And here I am today, reaching the final stages of the program and currently working as a lecturer. At my university, the University of Sharjah
Khadija Ahmed Al Balushi
University of Sharjah
Praise be to God, who facilitated the beginnings, completed the endings, and reached the goals. Praise be to God, with whom no effort was completed except with His help, and no conclusion was concluded except with His grace. I extend my deepest thanks to Bayt Al-Thani, the University of Sharjah, which gave me the opportunity to complete my educational journey and obtain a master’s degree in the field of applied sociology. I also extend my great gratitude. Gratitude and gratitude to the distinguished doctors in the Department of Sociology, who enlightened my path with more knowledge and knowledge and were worthy of carrying the trust. May God reward you on our behalf with the best reward, and blessed are you and those with knowledge who built a edifice. If the end of time will last forever.
Chaimae Setti
University of Sharjah
Getting the Master’s degree was a great opportunity for me, since I like talking others and initiate conversations, getting out of the comfort zone, working under pressure, and study more to enhance my experience, skills and knowledge. The University period was a beautiful refuge for me where I find myself truly while watching the sunset view from the class window and enjoying the conversations around me about many fields that I have experienced over these two years in which I studied, many topics, extended my experiences to meet a new level of how minds and people can be. I learned a lot, benefited a lot, and most importantly, I sought for this to be a useful and taught myself , that no matter how advanced the time may be, people can learn again, study again, get out of their comfort zones, and benefit others as much as he can.
Moza Mohamed AL Tuneiji
Department of Statistics and Community Development
We thank you very much for all the effort, especially the training supervisors. I had the honor of studying at the University of Sharjah campus.
Halima Mohamed Humaid
Dubai Courts
Ustaz Jamal Alfah, the chairperson of Arab Family Organization, acknowledged the importance of the Master degree Programme in applied sociology, offered by the Department of Sociology in Sharjah university, in promoting and fostering the great role played by Sharjah university in meeting the increasing needs of development in UAE and the Arab world.
Ustaz Jamal Alfah
chairperson of Arab Family Organization
Her Excellency Marium Al Rimethi, the General Director of Family Development Corporation in Abu Dabi, praised highly and with much gratitude, the great role played by the Department of Sociology in Social Work.
Her Excellency Marium Al Rimethi
General Director of Family Development Corporation
The high General Administrative Department of Police acknowledged and praised the role of the​ Department of Sociology at Sharjah University, in promoting and spreading the community culture of policing.
The high General Administrative
Department of Police