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Dr.Abdallah Sulaiman O. Al-Mughani Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Modern and Contemporary History

Research Interests:

  • history of the UAE and Arabian Gulf and history of modern and contemporary Arab history and the history of modern Europe


Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah
Academic advisor
Chairman of the creativity and innovation in the University branch, Khor fakkan. * Committee Chairman rhyme University branch, Khor fakkan. * Student issues Committee member. * Member of the Committee of the Department of history and civilization. * Member of the Committee of polarization in the University branch, Khor fakkan. * Member of the Committee for excellence by Khor University branch * General Federation of Arab llatharine.
1. the business relationship between the UAE and India 1910-1955 2. the power of Oman Coast history and development. 3-flight service in UAE from 1930 -1965
1. the educational policy of Britain in UAE (1952-1971 2. trade in UAE out (1900-1971
• Admin on three letters master: • History of pearling in coastal Emirates • Historical development of school Mubarakiya in Kuwait. • Development of radio and television in the Emirates coast:  Participated in the committees discuss 5 masters thesis spring 2016-2017.
Sharjah Award for scientific excellence. 2. Sheikh Khalifa Ibn Zayed Prize for educational excellence 3-Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Award for scientific excellence
• Tv interview in Sharjah University University of Sharjah Khor branch was • 03 /11 /2016 Participate in the U.A.E. State flag day. The day of science University of Sharjah Khor branch/faculty 03/ 11 /2016 • Allocution onak Oh homeland Cultural Center beklbaa • Sponsor a symposium entitled historical view on the historical view of Oriental poets on poets of Eastern cultural center/Khor 15 / 10 /2015 • Turn on (academic) guidance for academic faculty members in Khor branch University of Sharjah Khor branch 22 /10/ 2016 • Seminar write her history with gold gold history writes state cultural centre bedba Hoss 24/11/2016 • (Seminar) the historical development of the poetic movement in the eastern region. • Participation in the activities of the Sharjah Center folk poetry Center Sharjah Sharjah folk poetry 15/10/2016 • (An essay) Old markets in the UAE and its significance/ markets in UAE and weight/old guard seigneurial 2015 • (Tv interview) about the place of martyrs in Islamic history. • Interview about the place of martyrs in Islamic history Sharjah Media Foundation (Eastern) /2015 spring (Tv interview) rumor and its danger to society rumor and its danger to society Sharjah Media Foundation (Eastern) /2015 spring (Tv interview) about writing in the history of UAE . • Interview about the writing in the history of UAE Sharjah Media Foundation (Eastern) Chapter 15/2015 • (Tv interview) the achievements of Union meet EU achievements Sharjah Media Foundation (East) separate spring/2015
Teaching an interactive process between the teacher and his students to make them eventually able to hire their growing knowledge in understanding and finding sound methodological tools users, equivalent to the teacher carefully in that side to strengthen the ethical side of ordered by emphasizing qualities of integrity, honesty, diligence and instilling the principles of loyalty and belonging to the nation and its leaders and religion, history, Arabic and Islamic identity in the student building integrates both graduated from college a mature person with sufficient knowledge and skills that enable him to indulge his career capably and success that benefits him and pan together. And also teach educational process based on good understanding of learning outcomes and how to achieve them, so I believe that University Professor must have tasks and duties performed by to request, as they have the same tasks and duties as Professor. I believe that my responsibilities as a professor at the University of Sharjah to present to my students: weather fine education that facilitates the learning process. Information and knowledge that will help them to be more prestigious and successful in their lives. Educational materials and scientific reference books are not available in the University Library. Feedback to them to be more effective in the learning process. Raise and promotion ninthgrade makes them more successful and fortunately in scientific and practical lives. Exploit technical possibilities offered by the University. Access to the necessary historical document via the Web. Upgrading the educational process to the e-learning technology. Facilitate access to document to enrich the historical detective. I also believe that I have my discerning duties towards Professor decision and towards their colleagues and towards themselves, which helps them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, so the responsibilities asked that: assume and accept different opinions.
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