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Dr.Nadjib Benkheira Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • The history of the first and second Abbasaid Ear 132-656

Research Interests:

  • • History of Islamic Political Thought • Studies civilized • History of Science in Islamic civilization • Philosophy of History • Contemporary Islamic Thought


Associate Professor, Department of History and Islamic civilization , University of Sharjah from 09/01/2014 to date. Assistant, professor. Department of History and Islamic civilization ,University of Sharjah from 01/09/2008 to 01/09/2014 Lecturer , Department of Islamic history , University of Emir Abdelkader from 02/20/1995 to 2004
Head of the Department of History and Islamic civilization. University of Sharjah from 09.01.2016 to date. Vice Assistant Chancellor of Academic Affair’s from in Branches from 01/02/2016 to 08/31/2016 Assistant of Vice Chancellor of Academic Affair’s , University of Sharjah, from February 2013 to 01/02/2016. Coordinator of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Khorffakan branch, University of Sharjah from12/2009 to 2013 Secretary of the Council of Scientific Departments, Khorffakan branch, University of Sharjah 2008_ 2009
• Member of the Union of Arab Historians • Member of the Union of Algerian historians • Member of the Writers' Union of Algeria
1- The history of the era of the caliphates, Dar Al-Huda, the fifth edition.2007 2 - Reflections on the history of Islam, Dar Al Baath, 2000 3 -Musa Ahmadi Nuiwat his life and heritage , Dar El omma ,Algeria 2002 4. Heroes of the Islamic conquest (for the youth), Dar Al-Huda, 2003 0.15 volume. 5 – A Message in a purposeful art ,Dar Alfadger, Aïn Smara,Constantine 2008 6- teaching of history in the Algerian school, study and evaluation , Constantine 2009 7- Tanwir Elmasira Bi Anoir elsirra. ( Englighting our route throug the lights of the prophets Biography .The world of knowledge for Publishing and Distribution. Algeria 2010 8- Researches in thought and history .Aalam Almaareefa , Publishing and Distribution Algeria 2010 9 - selected group of works of Imam Muhammad ibn Ali as-Senussi, the supervision of Dr.: Nadjib Benkheira , i 1, Algeria: Dar Zemmoura for Publishing and Distribution 2011, which included: A book-Sadr heal any ten questions from the dryer Fiqh al-Maliki and followed Aakad Alausenan at work talking and the Koran. V .1 ) Introduction to Malik's Muwatta the pearls Luminous in the news of the Idrissi dynasty narrators hadith.V.2 ) A book of ten issues named in order to destinations in the bottom third observatories v.3 D book nectar specified in the methods and followed by forty Manhal Ruwi serene in the grounds of science and the origins methods . V.4 10 - for Allah ..and for history. (Articles in thought, sociology, literature, and the Travel ), Dar Cardadah Algeria 2012. 11 Abu al-Qasim Saad Allah from different Perspectives. Dar Alaam Almareefa , Algeria 2014
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