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DR. Mohammed Abdullah Alqadahat Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • History

Research Interests:

  • - History of Islamic Civilization - Islamic Heritage


University of Jordan \ Jordan2000 Mutah University \ Jordan 1996 Yarmouk University\ Jordan 1992
Sultan Qaboos University (Oman) 2014 -202 Associate Professor University of Jordan and Philadelphia ( Jordan )2012-2013 Part-time lecturer University of Jordan and Philadelphia ( Jordan )2012-2013 Part-time lecturer Dammam University) Saudi Arabia) 2008-2011Associate Professor The University of King Faisal ) Saudi Arabia( 2002-2008 Assistant Professor
Member of Commission for Academic Accreditation, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, SQU,2015-2016 Member of the Examination Committee \ Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, SQU Member of the Committee promotions \ Department of History, SQU Member of the Committee of academic performance upgrades \ Department of History, SQU Member of Graduate Studies Committee\ Department of History,SQU Plans and Curriculum Committee. Department of History. University of Sharjah Academic Advising Committee. Department of History. University of Sharjah Social and Cultural Committee .Department of History. University of Sharjah
- The impact of the aflaj in Omani society until the century (6 AH / 12 AD). In partnership with Dr. Ali Al Riyami. (Senior researcher). Literature. Sultan Qaboos University Volume 13, Volume 2,2022. Factors affecting the position of Caliph Yazid bin Muawiyah towards the people of Hejaz. Search participation Kholoud Bahchwan Omani researcher. (Second researcher) Arts. Sultan Qaboos University Volume 11/P1,2021. - Falaj Al Qasawat in Izki - Oman between historical source and archaeological research. Share d. Khaled Douglas and others. (Second researcher) Journal of Tourism and Archeology - King Saud University. Saudi Arabia,2021. - Jabah of the aflaj in Oman and their role in managing it, a historical study until the century (6 AH / 12 AD). Research in partnership with Khaled Al-Rahbi - Omani researcher. (Senior Researcher) Omani Studies, Ministry of Heritage. Oman 21.2020 -The Relationship between Politics and Philosophy in the First Abbasid Era (132-232 AH / 750-847 CE): The Era of Caliph Al-Ma'mun as a Model. In partnership with Dr. Noureddine Chebbi (Senior Researcher) Development \ Saida University \ Algeria Volume 7, Volume 1.2020 -The impact of religion and politics on the trends of the intellectual movement in Oman until the end of the fourth century AH. In partnership with Dr. Bader Al Alawi. (Senior Researcher) Secret of the One Who Saw, University of Samarra \ Iraq Vol. 16, p. 60.2020. -Official receptions in Baghdad during the Late Abbasid Era (550-656 H /1155-1258 AD) Universal Journal of History Turkey, vol,2019. -2019 Senior positions during the reign of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Nasir Li-Din Allah (575-622 AH / 1179-1225 AD). A Study in the Mechanisms of Selection and Arrangements for Assignment of Etiquette, King Saud, Saudi Arabia, Vol. 31, v. 2. -Al-Addi Bimaristan in Baghdad (371-656 AH / 981-1258 AD) A study of its historical development and its civilized role. Literature. Sultan Qaboos, Oman Volume 10, Volume 3.2019 -The endeavors of the Abbasid Caliphate to restore the religious state through the Hajj season (575 - 656 AH / 1179 - 1258 AD) Humanities (brochures) / University of Tunis, pp. 218-219 -the interrelationship between the sciences of history and archeology. The Islamic City of Qalhat: A Case Study.” Research with Khaled Douglas/ Department of Archeology - Sultan Qaboos University. (Senior Researcher) Arts, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, Volume 9, No. 1,2017. -Assumption Ceremonies of Caliphs and their Rulers in the Last Abbasid Era (550-656 AH / 1155-1258) Arts, Sultan Qaboos University Volume 3, Volume 1,2016. -Abu al-Hasan Muhammad bin Ahmed al-Qutai’i (546-634 AH / 1151-1236 AD) and his lost book “Durrat al-Ikleel in the appendix sequel”. Arts, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, 11/2015 -mourning ceremonies in the Caliphate House in the last Abbasid era (550-656 AH / 1155-1258) Jordan for History, University of Jordan Volume 8, v4,2015. - The methodology of the historian Abu Talib Ali bin Anjab Ibn Al-Sa’i (d. 674 AH / 1275 AD) in historical writing, the history book as a model. Human Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, 24 -Medina in travel literature. Ibrahim's journey raised a model. Al-Dara, Riyadh, 3rd year, year 40,2014. -Formal clothes in the Abbasid Caliphate (132-656 AH / 749-1258 AD). Arts, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, c. 24 c.2012.
- Khaled Al-Rahbi: Agriculture in Oman until the fifth century AH - Asaad Al-Amiri Natural disasters and epidemics in the Levant (132-334 AH) Kholoud Bahshwan The forces affecting the authority of the Umayyad Caliph (41-64 A.H.) Kholoud Al-Khatiri, History of the Judiciary in Oman (132-571 A.H.) Salem Al Nabhani, the judiciary in Oman, 1920-1970 Afrah Al-Araimi, land ownership in Oman until the fifth century AH / eleventh century AD -Suleiman Al-Hajri Military organizations in Oman during the era 132-280 AH Sana al-Balushi, Women in Oman from the first to the sixth century AH / twelfth century AD - Tahani Al Hosani, Oman between jurisprudence of doctrine and political practice (177-342 AH) - Abeer Al-Yahya, the historian Ibn Al-Dabithi, a study in his methodology and sources through the tail of the history of Baghdad
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