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Bachelor of Arts in Museum Studies and Art History

College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of History and Islamic Civilization
Study System
Total Credit Hours
123 Cr.Hrs
Fall & Spring
Sharjah Main Campus
Study Mode
Full Time

Bachelor of Arts in Museum Studies and Art History

​Total Program Credit Hours: 123 divided into the following components:
  • University Requirements: 24
  • College Requirements: 15
  • Specialization Requirements: 84


Specialization Requirements: 84 credit hours, assigned as follows:
  • Department Requirement: Foundation Courses (DRF): 21 credit hours
  • Department Requirement: Compulsory Courses (DRC): 45 credit hours
  • Department Requirement: Elective Courses (DRE): 18 credit hours


AssessmentCourse CategoryCr. Hrs.Abbreviated Course TitleCourse TitleCourse. No
ALL courses are assessed as per the UOS standard grades
(NOT on a Pass/Fail basis)
DRF3Intr. to Hist. of World ArtsIntroduction to the History of World Arts0207111
DRF3Intr. to Islamic Hist. & Civil.Introduction to Islamic History and Civilizations0207112
DRF3Intr. to Travel & TourismIntroduction to Travel and Tourism0207113
DRF3Intr. to Social AnthropologyIntroduction to Social Anthropology0207114
DRF3Intr. to Ancient Medieval ArtIntroduction to Ancient and Medieval Art0207115
DRF3Intr. to Museum & Heritage StudiesIntroduction to Museum and Heritage Studies0207116
DRF3Intr. to ArchaeologyIntroduction to Archaeology0207117
DRC3Research Methods for Museum Stud.Research Methods for Museum Studies0207211
DRC3Intr. to Islamic ArtIntroduction to Islamic Art0207212
DRC3Renaissance to Modern ArtRenaissance to Modern Art0207213
DRC3Cultural TourismCultural Tourism0207214
DRC3Modern & Contemp. ArtModern and Contemporary Art0207215
DRC3Museum Management & MarketingMuseum Management and Marketing0207216
DRC3Museums & the Tourism Indus.Museums and the Tourism Industry0207217
DRC3History of Islamic Architect.History of Islamic Architecture0207218
DRC3The Museum & Its UsersThe Museum and Its Users0207219
DRC3Collecting & CollectionsCollecting and Collections0207330
DRC3Museum & EducationMuseum and Education0207331
DRC3Managing & Caring for CollectionsManaging and Caring for Collections0207332
DRC3Student Exhibition ProjectStudent Exhibition Project0207333
DRC3Special Graduation ProjectSpecial Graduation Project0207402
DRE3Museums in the Digital WorldMuseums in the Digital World0207118
DRE3Cons.  & Manage. of Her. in the GulfConservation and Management of Built Heritage in the Gulf Region0207119
DRE3Art Gallery Practice in Gulf Reg.Art Gallery Practice in the Gulf Region0207122
DRE3Architect. Her. in the Gulf Reg.Architectural Heritage in the Gulf Region0207124
DRE3Interpreting CollectionsInterpreting Collections0207126
DRE3Heritage of Ar. Sc. InstrumentsHeritage of Arabic Scientific Instruments0207128
DRE3Interpret. of Cultural RecoursesInterpretation of Cultural Recourses0207130
DRE3Management & cons. of HeritageManagement and conservation of Heritage0207132
DRE3Heritage in the Gulf  RegionHeritage in the Gulf  Region0207220
DRE3Digital & Virtual MuseumsDigital and Virtual Museums0207221
DRE3Museum & Cult. Herit. Tour GuidingMuseum and Cultural Heritage Tour Guiding0207222
DRE3Visual Cultures of IslamVisual Cultures of Islam0207224
DRE3Contemporary Art & Culture 
Contemporary Art and Culture0207225
DRE3Museums & the CommunityMuseums and the Community0207227
DRE3Digital Media & CuratorshipDigital Media and Curatorship0207228

Study Plan: Course Distribution (2014-2018)

First Year  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Spring  ​ ​ ​
CodeCourse Title
TypeCr.CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.
0104101Islamic Culture 1UR\C30411100Introduction to ITUR\C3
0202112English for Academic PurposesUR\C3 TBACR\C3
0206099Advising and GuidanceUR\C0 TBACR\C3
 TBACR\C30207112Introduction to Islamic History and CivilizationsDR\C3
0207111Introduction to the History of World ArtsDR\C30207113Introduction to Travel and TourismDR\C3
 University Elective 1UR\E30207114Introduction to Social AnthropologyDR\C3
Total 15 Total 18
Second Year ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Fall  ​ ​ ​Spring  ​ ​ ​
CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.
0207115Introduction to Ancient and Medieval ArtDR\C30207212Introduction to Islamic ArtDR\C3
0207116Introduction to Museum and Heritage StudiesDR\C30207213Renaissance to Modern ArtDR\C3
0207117Introduction to ArchaeologyDR\C3 University Elective 2UR\E3
0207211Research Methods for Museum StudiesDR\C30207214Cultural TourismDR\C3
Third Year  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Fall  ​ ​ ​Spring  ​ ​ ​
CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.
0201102Arabic LanguageUR\C3 University Elective 3UR\E3
 Department ElectiveDR\E3 Department ElectiveDR\E3
0207215Modern and Contemporary ArtDR\C30207318History of Islamic ArchitectureDR\C3
0207316Museum Management and MarketingDR\C30207319The Museum and Its UsersDR\C3
0207317Museums and the Tourism IndustryDR\C30207330Collecting and CollectionsDR\C3
Total 15Total15
Fourth Year  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Fall  ​ ​ ​Spring  ​ ​ ​
CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.CodeCourse TitleTypeCr.
 University Elective 4UR\E3 Department ElectiveDR\E3
0207331Museum and EducationDR\C30207402Special Graduation ProjectDR\C3
0207332Managing and Caring for CollectionsDR\C30207333Student Exhibition ProjectDR\C3
0207401InternshipDR\C3 Department ElectiveDR\E3
 Department ElectiveDR\E3 Department ElectiveDR\E3

Table 17: Study Plan

Course Types:
UR\C: University Requirement: Compulsory                  UR\E: University Requirement: Elective

CR\C: College Requirement: Compulsory                      CR\E: College Requirement: Elective

DR\C: Department Requirement: Compulsory               DR\E: Department Requirement: Elective

DR\S: Department Requirement: Support