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Bachelor of Arts in History and Islamic Civilization – Tourism Guidance

College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of History and Islamic Civilization
Study System
Total Credit Hours
123 Cr.Hrs
Fall & Spring
Sharjah Main Campus
Study Mode
Full Time

Bachelor of Arts in History and Islamic Civilization – Tourism Guidance

The program seeks to qualify tourist guidance graduates by providing educational resources to advance the relevant knowledge and skills of students in order to graduate competent professional tour guides.

The Department of History and Islamic Civilization Programs, Tourism Guidance Program aims to:

  • Graduate Arabic speaking tourist guides capable of reflecting a genuine image of the region's history, customs and traditions.
  • Meet the needs of the labour market in this area from the local people.
  • Develop students' historical and cultural knowledge that is sufficient to enhance their sense of their own identity.
  • Provide extensive training for the student in the field of tourism guidance to be able to reflect a genuine image of the Arab Muslim community.
  • Prepare and qualify leaders in the fields of tourism and hospitality.

Learning Outcomes
Program Educational Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:
1. Recognize the historical and cultural knowledge necessary for the tourist guide profession.  
2. Abide the ethics of the profession, the community customs and traditions in the field of tourism guidance and tourist groups' leading.
3. Successfully use the cognitive skills in tourism guidance in the work environment.
4. Apply critical thinking skills to innovatively solve problems facing the profession.
5. Define the most prominent archaeological, tourist and heritage attractions in the UAE and the Arab Gulf region.
6. Practice effective marketing and communication skills in the field of tourism.
7. Realize the significance of teamwork and self-development in the tourism guidance profession.

Career Opportunities
The program is one of the most promising programs because more than 560 students are already enrolled in it until the end of the academic year 2020-2021, in the four campuses of the University of Sharjah; the main campus, Al Dhaid Campus, Kalba Campus and Khor Fakkan Campus. Work opportunities available for graduates are varied, ranging from working in tourism departments, youth empowerment organizations, family and childhood centres, hotels and resorts, travel and tourism companies, tourism associations and organizations, tourism and hospitality clubs, airports and transport companies, youth homes, youth clubs, universities, research centers and observatories, exhibitions and festivals, leading diplomatic and cultural missions at Directorates of Culture and Media.

Program requirements
1. To obtain a bachelor's degree in History and Islamic Civilization / Tourism Guidance major, a student must complete successfully the following requirements:

ElectiveSupport HoursTotal
University Requirements1212--24
College Requirements15---15
Department Requirements339--42
Tourism Guidance Requirements3066-42

1. University Requirements
The university requirements consist of 24 credit hours and their descriptions are detailed in the relevant pages of the College Guide.

2. College Requirements:
The college requirements consist of 15 credit hours and their descriptions are detailed in the relevant pages of the College Guide.

3. Program Requirements:
To obtain a bachelor's degree/ Tourism Guidance, every student must complete successfully 84 credit hours divided into four groups, as detailed below:

Compulsory Requirements
This group of requirements includes 33 credit hours as shown in the table below.

Course No.Course TitleCredit HoursPrerequisite
0203110Research Methods in Studying History 3-
0203120Arabs History before Islam3-
0203121History of the Era of the Message of Prophet Mohammed3-
0203220History of the Rashidun Era3-
0203221History of the Umayyad State3-
0203242Distinctive Features of the Arabian Gulf History3-
0203321History of the Abbasid State until the 4th Century AH3-
0203330Islamic Civilization (2)3-
0203442Arab Modern and Contemporary History3-
0203443Europe Modern and Contemporary History 3-
0203341The Ottoman Empire3-

Elective Requirements

Elective courses of (9) credit hours consist of the following:

Course No.Course TitleCredit HoursPrerequisite
0203111Ancient Arab Civilization3-
0203112Mesopotamia and the Nile Valley Civilization3-
0203241History of the European Middle Ages3-
0203344The Current Islamic World3-
0203345The Modern and Contemporary Far Eastern Civilization3-
0203346American History3-
0203440History of the Arabian Gulf (1820-1970 CE)3-
0203323Ayyubids and Mamluks3-
0203319Maghreb and Andalusia3-

Tourism Guidance Requirements (Compulsory):

Compulsory Courses (30 credit hours)

Course No.Course TitleCredit HoursPrerequisite
0203350Introduction to Tourism3-
0203351Geography of the Arabian Gulf 3-
0203354English for Specific Purposes3-
0203463Tourism Guidance[1]3-
0203468Tourism legislations3-
0204102The Emirati Community[2]3-
0203467Art of Museums3-
0203469Public Relations3-
0203465Tourist and Cultural Heritage3-
2034620Field Training (Research Project)3-

Tourism Guidance Requirements (Elective):

Elective Courses: The student chooses (6 credit hours) from the following:

Course No.
Course TitleCredit HoursPrerequisite
0203461Consumer Behavior3-
0203464Tourism Authorities and Organizations3-
0203352Tourism Commodities3-
0203455Tour Group Management3-
0203355 Hospitality Industry3-

Free Requirements
Free Courses (6) credit ours, selected by the student from the subjects offered by the colleges of the university

Course No
Course Title Credit HoursPrerequisite
Compulsory Tour Guiding Requirements (30 credit hours):

Course description

0203350Introduction to Tourism (3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces students to the concept of tourism, its definition and stages of development, as well as the most important elements of tourism, such as the two elements of supply and demand. Furthermore, it introduces students to the most important elements of tourism and its patterns with their applications on the UAE. The course also includes the definition and analysis of the global tourism movement in general and the UAE in particular, and the direct and indirect effects of tourism on economy, the environment and social aspects. ​ ​

Geography of the Arabian Gulf (3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
Students learn about the geographical location of the Arabian Gulf States and study the distinctive geographical aspects of the Arabian Gulf through learning about its topography, climate, wealth, human resources and its ability to develop and grow, and explore the most prominent civilizations known to the region. ​ ​

0203354English for Specific Purposes(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
Students learn specialized terminology in the English language, which are used by tourist guides, whether with tourist authorities or tourists to qualify them to work as tourist guides. ​ ​

Tour Group Management(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
Students practice group management, and prepare tourist guide plans, master persuasion strategies, and maintain the safety and security of tourists. ​ ​

0203460Tourism Legislations(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
Students study the most prominent laws and frameworks regulating the practice of the profession of Tour Guiding. Through this course student become familiar with local and international legal applications for the various fields of tourism. ​ ​

0203461Consumer Behavior(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims to introduce students to consumers and the types of consumer behaviors, the steps for making a travel decision. Students also study about consumers from all social, economic, and psychological backgrounds, and the difference between the objectives of a trip and the motives of travel. ​ ​

Tourism Guidance(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces the most prominent archaeological, tourist, cultural and heritage monuments and the archeological sites and arts in the UAE. It also helps students acquire experience in leading tour groups and introduce them to the country's historical and cultural treasures. It is preferred to deliver most of this course in archaeological, artistic and national sites. Part of the assessment grade of this course is allocated to oral examinations at archaeological sites to stress the importance of demonstrating communication skills with tourists. ​ ​

0203466Public Relations(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
Throughout this course, students learn about the importance of tourism marketing, its diversity, and the significance of public relations as one of the components of tourism activation mix, through which tour guides become familiar with the principles of protocol and etiquette necessary in dealing with consumers, and the ability to confront the potential problems that may face them while performing all their tasks. ​ ​

0203464Tourist Authorities and Organizations(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces students to the most important international tourism organizations, the most important official and non-official tourism agencies in the UAE, and their role in organizing and activating inbound tourism. ​ ​

0203465Tourist and Cultural Heritage(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims to provide students with a set of cultural and heritage assets about the UAE, which collaborate on the process of tourist attraction to learn about archaeological, historical, and tourist sites, national parks and other sites that fall within the framework of the tourism and cultural heritage of the UAE. It also examines the development of cultural heritage tourism resources and products with a primary or secondary destination. It provides students with a major range of cultural and heritage assets that can become viable and oriented to attractions including museums, performing arts, historical sites, and national parks. Topics include: current and future trends of cultural heritage, the role of organizations working in the field of tourism and cultural heritage, and the use of cultural heritage resources for economic development. ​ ​

0203462Field Training (Research Project)(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
In this course, students receive some training courses in leadership, supervision, management and organization of tour groups from the time of their arrival to the time of their departure. Each student also chooses a research topic related to his/her research interests in one of the fields of applied Tour Guiding, as the basis for their research papers under the supervision of an academic supervisor. After that, the research topic is subject to the approval of the project by the Department Council. Each student then conducts and accomplishes field research in one of the arts and methods of tour guiding and its applications.  ​ ​

0203355Hospitality Industry(3:0-3)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces students to the different types, sections, means of accommodation in general, and their application to the UAE, its various departments, and the methods and techniques of hospitality and reception. ​ ​

Free Tour Guiding Specialization Requirements: (6 credit hours) that a student chooses from among the courses below:

5. Free Courses
A student chooses them from the courses offered in the various university colleges, (6 credit hours)

Study Plan (123) Credit Hours

1st Year, Term 1 (15 Credit Hours) ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
-3Islamic Culture0104100
02021023The Art of Writing and Composition0201203
-3Research Methods in Studying History0203110
-3Arabs History before Islam0203120
-3History of the Era of Prophet Mohammed Message 0203121

1st Year, Term 2 (15) Credit Hours ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.

3University Elective requirementXXXXX
3Introduction to Education0206101
-3History of the Rashidun Era0203220
-3History of the Umayyad State0203221
02031203Islamic civilization (1)0203230

2nd Year, Term 3 (18) Credit Hours ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
-3Arabic Language0201102
-3The Arab Community0203111
-3History of the Abbasid State until the 4th Century AH0203321
-3Free Course RequirementXXXXX
-3The Ottoman Empire0203341
-3Europe Modern and Contemporary History0203443

2nd Year, Term 4 (18) Credit Hours ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
-3University Elective RequirementXXXXX
02021133English Language for Humanities0202113
-3Modern and Contemporary Arab History0203442
-3Free Requirement CourseXXXXX
-3Department Elective RequirementXXXXX
-3Distinctive Features of the Arabian Gulf History0203242

3rd Year, Term 5 (15) Credit Hours ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
-3Basic English Language0202111
-3Introduction to Tourism0203350
-3Geography of the Arabian Gulf0203351
-3Tourism Guidance0203463
-3Tourism Guidance Elective RequirementXXXXX

3rd Year, Term 6 (15) Credit Hours ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
-3University Elective RequirementXXXXX
-3The History of Islamic City0203114
-3Tourist and Cultural Heritage0203465
-3Tourism Guidance Elective RequirementXXXXX
-3Public Relations0203469

4th Year, Term 7 (15) Credit Hours  ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
3Introduction to Information Technology (in Arabic)1411101
-3English for Specific Purposes0203354
-3Tourism legislations0203468
-3The Emirati Community0204102
-3Department Elective RequirementXXXXX

4th Year, Term 8 (15) Credit Hours  ​ ​ ​
Prerequisite: SimultaneousCredit HoursCourse TitleCourse No.
-3Department Elective RequirementXXXXX
-3Field Training – Research Project2034620
-3Art of Museums0203467
-3Department Elective RequirementXXXXX