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Students Projects

Spring Semester 2022/2023​

​MA Thesis Title 
Mo’ath Abdallah Mohammed 
Linguistic Features of Arabic and English Political Speeches: A Contrastive Study
Prof. Shehdeh Fareh

Sara Mohamed Alzaabi
Conceptual Metaphor in YouTube Auto-generated Subtitles of the BBC Travel Show
Prof. Ghaleb Rabab’ah
​Oroob Husam Khalil Rashid's
Discourse Markers: Audiovisual Rendition into Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Egyptian Arabic
​Dr. Najib Jarad​

Fall Semester 2022/2023


MA ​Thesis Title 

Eman Abdalla Al Naqbi
Temperature Metaphors in English and Arabic: A Contrastive Study

Prof. Shehdeh Fareh
Rasha Khan’s

English-Arabic Translation of Humour in PG Wodehouse’s Short Stories: Challenges and Strategies
Prof. Ghaleb Rabab’ah

Fall Semester 2017/2018

MA Thesis Title                                              Supervisor​Graduation
​Mona Al-Khmeri
Manipulation and Censorship in the Translation of Children's Literature​​Prof. Adnan Khalid Adulla
​Raghad Raad Al-Azzawi
A Translation of and c Commentary on Loaily A. Tageldin's "L... For Life, Love, and Lots in Between"​Prof. Shehdeh Fareh​​11/01/2018
​Salik Alyiot
Integrating Technologies in Prospective Translator's Training: A Comparison between the European Master's in Translation (EMT) and its Counterparts in the Arab Region​
​Prof. Shehdeh Fareh

​Alaa Fathy Attieh
Some Aspects of the Syntax of the Arabic and English Legislative Sentences: A Contrastive Study​Prof. Abdul Fattah Abu Sayyedeh​16/11/2017​

Wafa Al-Hammadi
Translating Collocations: Problems and Solutions
Prof. Shehdeh Fareh​09/01/2018