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Prof.Samih Mahmoud AL-Karasneh Academic RankProfessor

Research Interests:

  •  My primary research interest is in the intellectual developments in the fields of teaching and learning.  My research dealt with student teachers' approaches to learning to teach: what the reflective learning tools to teach are (e.g. self and peer assessment, journal writing, and portfolio (and how to be used).  I am also interested in educational research directed toward developing new perspectives about teachers as reflective and creative thinkers, facilitators and mangers  I am interested in developing the filed of civic and citizenship education as a tool to construct the characteristics of good and civilized life. Also how teachers of social studies are being able to tackle the phenomena of globalization.  My great concern has been giving to the issue of professorial teaching ethics.  My future concern will be particularly focused on how the use of ICT has an effect on the development of the areas of social studies teaching and learning.


PhD in Philosophy of Education / Curriculum and Teaching, Exeter University, UK, 2011
- University of Sharjah/ UAE(2021- present.
• Member of the Scientific Research Support Fund committees. (Ministry of Higher Education Jordan) • Member of the editorial Board of Jordanian Journal of Educational Sciences (JJES). Jordan • Member of the National Strategy for Human Resources/ Teaching and Learning Domain- Jordan. (2106). • Member at the Sustainable development committee / Yarmouk university2018/2019.
 Al-Karasneh, Samih. (2004). Jordanian Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Social Studies Learning. Abhath Al-Yarmouk “Humanities and Social sciences Series.” 20(3A):145-161.  Al-Barakat, Ali and Al-Karasneh, Samih. (2005). The Contribution of School Textbooks in the Early Grades of Education in Preparing Young Children to Become Effective Citizens: Teachers’ Perspective. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 3(2), 169-192. (Institute of Education, Coventry, England, UK).  Bataineh, Ruba Fahmi, Samih Mahmoud Al-Karasneh, Ali Ahmad Al-Barakat, and Rula Fahmi Bataineh (2007). Jordanian Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of the Portfolio as a Reflective Learning Tool. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 35(4): 435-454.  Kanan, Eid and Al-Karasneh, Samih. (2009). The Impact of Parental Social Support on Promoting Children's Physical Activities." African Journal For Physical, Health Education, Recreation & Dance". 15(2):331-355.  Al-Karasneh, Samih, Tawalbeh, Mosaddegh, (2011). Levels of Thinking Skills of the Questions in the Developed Social and National Education Curricula According to the Features of the “Knowledge Economy” for the First Primary Grades in Jordan. International Journal of Educational Research (IJRE), Emirates University. 27:29-48.  Al- Karasneh, Samih, (2011). Activating the Construction of Students’ Prior Knowledge and its Significance in Improving Learning and Teaching of Social Education Topics: Field Experience. Journal of Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University,34(4): 315-359. - Al- Dwairi, Alia; Jubran, Ali; Al-Karasneh, Samih, (accepted for Publication). The Practices of Female Teachers in Childhood Education in Implementing the Constructive Philosophy in their Teaching- Learning Process in Al- Kasbah Education Directorate in Irbid. Jordanian Educational Association.
• I sat on more than 100 supervisory and/or examining committees for Masters and Doctoral students in curriculum and Instruction, Religious Education, and educational psychology at the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction, administrative studies and Educational Psychology at Yarmouk University (2004-2021). • I have served as an external examiner on Master’s Thesis and PhDs’ committees in Jordan
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