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Department Overview

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was launched at the dawn of the University of Sharjah in 1418 AH – 1997 CE. The Department aims to preserve the Arabic Language, our identity. It also seeks to raise awareness of the significance of Arabic, and calls for its usage in speaking and writing. The Arabic Language and Literature Department's vision is to enhance the status of the Arab identity by graduating qualified people who are capable of providing support to the community as a whole and to governmental entities. The Department believes in the importance of serving our religion and country through service to Arabic.

The Department houses three programs, the Bachelor's program (founded in 1418 AH - 1997 CE), the Master's program (founded in 1423 AH – 2001 CE), and the Doctorate of Philosophy program (founded in 1440 AH – 2018 CE). All of these programs are academically accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education.