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Workshop on Arabic calligraphy (Ruqʿah script)

Al-Farabi amphitheater, W3 1 OCT 202010 AM

Workshop on Arabic calligraphy (Ruqʿah script) Al-Farabi amphitheater, W3, October 1, 2020



Arabic calligraphy is of great importance in our life. As it is a means of recording and preserving the Noble Qur'an over time, the appearance of decorating mosques and palaces, an important aesthetic component of the Arab Islamic civilization, and the basis for understanding and clarifying the writer's message. The beautiful calligraphy increases the truth and clarity. Today's students are in dire need to know its rules and ways of writing it to remain alive and thriving among us.


This workshop aims to:

-Students get to know the importance of Arabic calligraphy, and its types.

-Students distinguish the Ruqʿah script from other types.

-Students apply the characteristics of Al-Ruq'ah calligraphy in writing.

- Students write the Ruqʿah script well.


-Opening Speech and Presentation: Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Bin Issa Bather.

-Welcoming colleagues and students: Dr. Think carpenter.

-An overview of the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy, its most famous types, and the importance of improving it for students.

-Arabic Calligraphy Tools.

-Characteristics and features of the Ruqʿah script

-Writing single Arabic letters in the Ruqʿah script

-Forms and phrases in the Ruqʿah script.

-Evaluating students 'writings and correcting them.

- The number of attendees is 25 male and female students.

-The workshop's hours are 3 hours.

- The tools used for the workshop are: - Using the whiteboard to introduce students to the basics of writing, and students began to train in their notebooks, with following-up, correcting them, and explaining common mistakes or general inquiries on the board.

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