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Chair's Welcome

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature is part of the college of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sharjah, a university that welcomed its students in 1997 guided by the vision of His Highness Shaikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammad Al-Qassimi, may Allah protect him, the ruler of Sharjah and the founder of University of Sharjah.

The Department contributed to the community by providing it with a number of distinguished students. It serves its students, and the students at University of Sharjah in general, in addition to serving local and non-local communities by providing a number of courses that students from all majors can join, in addition to its contribution in offering workshops, programs, lectures, educational activities, scientific research, and educational books that are manifested in the efforts of its students and professors.

The Department offers three degrees: Bachelor, Masters, and Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Language and Literature.

The Department is inspired by the words of the eminent Oslamic scholar, Ibn Taymiyyah "Arabic Language is part of religion and is a key to understanding Quran and Sunnah, accordingly, learning it is a must": He who revives a language, shall revive a whole nation.

The Department believes that the student is the major element in the educational process and the target of all our efforts, therefore, we strive to create the best educational opportunities to our students to attain the best learning outcomes.  

May Allah grant us success,

Dr. Mariam Saeed Balajeed
Head of Arabic Language and Literature