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Dr.Shyamal Kataria Assistant Professor Academic RankAssistant Professor


  • Political Science

Research Interests:

  • • Ethnic Conflict • Nationalism • Memory Studies • International Security • South Asia Region • Balkans Region • Modern Turkey


PhD Political Science [Sep 2009-Jan 2015] Politics & International Relations Dept., Royal Holloway, Uni. of London, Surrey, TW20. MSc Asian Politics [Sep 2007-Sep 2008] Dept. of Politics & International Studies, SOAS, Uni. of London, London, WC1H. BSc (Hons) Politics & Human Geography [Sep 2003-Sep 2007] Dept. of Politics & History, Brunel University, Middlesex, UB8.
Journal articles Kataria, S. (2021): ‘Evolution of the Sikh partition narrative from 1947 to post-Khalistan ‎movement’, Sikh Formations (Accepted for publication)‎ Kataria, S. (2021): ‘Re-territorialization of persecuted identity: How refugee arrival generates ethno-‎national conflict’, National Identities, vol.23, no.1, pp59-77‎ Kataria, S. (2020): ‘The rise and fall of the Khalistan movement: A chronology of events’, ‎Advances in Social Science Research Journal, vol.7, no.6, pp548-556‎ Kataria, S. (2020): ‘Identifying the key contributory factors behind ethno-national conflict’, ‎Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, vol.7, no.2, pp109-124‎ Kataria, S. (2019): ‘Realpolitik in the Khalistan movement’, Economic & Political Weekly, vol. 54, ‎no.6, pp57-63‎ Kataria, S. (2018): ‘Explaining ethnicity: Primordialism vs. instrumentalism’, Advances in Social ‎Science Research Journal, vol.5, no.4, pp130-135‎ Kataria, S. (2018): ‘Sikh historical memory as an ideological justification for Khalistan’, Sikh ‎Formations, vol.14, no.1, pp71-90‎ Kataria, S. (2017): ‘Uncovering the diffusion of partition memory from Sikh refugee to non-‎refugee Sikh’, Journal of South Asian Studies, vol.5, no.2, pp51-61‎ Kataria, S. (2017): ‘Re-territorialisation of persecuted identity: Sikh refugee contribution towards ‎ethno-national conflict in Indian Punjab’, The South Asianist, vol.5, no.1, pp249-281‎ Kataria, S. (2016): ‘We suffered the most: Sikh refugee perspective on partition’, The South ‎Asianist, vol.4, no.2, pp62-77‎ Kataria, S. (2015): ‘Serbian Ustashe memory and its role in the Yugoslav wars, 1991-1995’, ‎Mediterranean Quarterly, vol.26, no.2, pp115-127‎ Non-Journal articles Kataria, S. & Maini, T.S. (2014) ‘Linking Sindh with Gujarat’, The Hindu, 19 Nov 2014‎ Kataria, S. & Maini, T.S. (2014) ‘Gujarat-Sindh economic ties and the India-Pakistan relationship’, ‎South Asian Voices, 3 Nov 2014‎ Kataria, S.8 & Maini, T.S. (2011) ‘Importance of oral history’, Observer Research Foundation, 1 ‎Sep 2011‎ Kataria, S. & Maini, T.S. (2011) ‘Oral marginalisation’, Himal Magazine: South Asian, 1 Sep 2011‎ Kataria, S. (2009) ‘The Cyprus problem: The ‘perfect excuse’ to derail the Turkish membership ‎bid?’, Changing Turkey in a Changing World, 28 Sep 2009.
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