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Chair's Welcome

The International Relations major is an interdisciplinary area of study. It is the study of the interaction between people, private groups, and sovereign governments. The main level of analysis in this major is states, but because of the current gradual increase of the importance of the political role of non-state-actors such as international organizations and private groups, studying broader political actors and environment becomes essential for developing a better understanding of international affairs. 

At the University of Sharjah, our undergraduate students learn to analyze relations between different actors across international boundaries, bearing in mind the environments--culture, religion, demography, geography, and technology—that influence the decisions of those actors. Our International Relations (IR) students are regularly sent on scientific field trips to help them build a bridge between the study of theories and how those theories apply to reality.  They meet decision makers from all around the world who share experiences with our students and help them establish more sophisticated analytical skills.   

Our goal is to prepare the future policymakers with the analytical and technical skills they need to achieve their career goals and contribute to the prosperity of the countries they come from or live in. Our duty is to ensure that they enjoy their academic experience at the University of Sharjah and benefit from every course we offer.

My colleagues and I take pride in our current students whose number has reached more than 300 since the establishment of the IR Program four years ago. We wish them a successful future. We also welcome new students and assure them that we are always ready to provide them with all the help and support they need to succeed in their studies. We will also continue our contacts with students after their graduation from college via the Alumni Association as well as the Department and College to obtain essential feedback that will help us further develop our program.

Dr. Stephen John Louw
Chairperson of the Department of International Relations