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Happy to be at the University of Sharjah in its celebrations of the twenty-fifth year and the silver jubilee, and to meet with young men and women studying national security and to talk about foreign policy and international relations at the University of Sharjah. I enjoyed my time and the students' interesting questions.
Akram Elias
Capital Communications Group
"I am happy to be at the University of Sharjah, and to meet this large community of students. Our wishes for the university's continuous and permanent success on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee. The depth and breadth of long-term cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America is a blend of the past, present, and future, and has been longstanding in areas such as trade, technology, cybersecurity, digital economy, women's economic empowerment, intellectual property, clean energy initiatives, food and water security, health cooperation, innovation, and entrepreneurship, through the signing of several agreements with American technology companies and Emirati institutions and companies. The future partnership between the two countries in the fields of space exploration, climate, water, and self-driving electric vehicles is promising."
Meghan Gregonis
U.S. Consulate Dubai
It was a great pleasure for me to visit your impressive University for the first time and have the opportunity share my thoughts with the students. I wish them and the University of Sharjah all the best for future.
Marianne Nissilä
Embassy of Finland in Abu Dhabi
Thank you very much to the University of Sharjah for hosting me and giving me the opportunity to exchange with students, professors and researchers. It was a privilege to share some thoughts on #Belgium 🇧🇪 and the #EU 🇪🇺 in times of global challenges, and to highlight the importance of strenghtening further our relations with the #UAE 🇦🇪 in that context. University of Sharjah Embassy of Belgium in the United Arab Emirates SPF Affaires étrangères, Commerce extérieur et Coopération au Développement Belgian Business Council Dubai #thankyou #students #university #unitedarabemirates #Belgium
Antoine Delcourt
Embassy of Belgium in the United Arab Emirates
“I have really enjoyed my visit to the University of Sharjah. I’m grateful to the Department of International Relations for offering me the opportunity of speaking to UoS students about the European Union relations with the UAE, the Gulf and the Arab world. I particularly appreciated our interactive discussion and was fascinated by the students’ keenness to learn more about the EU and its role on the global stage. Thanks again to the faculty and staff for the kind invitation and to Chancellor Hamid Al Naimiy for the very warm welcome.” H.E. Andrea Matteo Fontana Ambassador of the European Union to the United Arab Emirates
H.E. Andrea Matteo Fontana
the European Union relations with the UAE
I worked very closely with international Relations Team while preparing for a webinar for the students of the University of Sharjah. Working with international Relations Team was an absolute joy . hope to have the opportunity to work with the international Relations Team again soon
Lina Jalouqa
UNICEF Gulf Area
I felt extremely welcomed by the students & staff at the university. I was very nervous to be in a new space but it felt like we all connected for a common love of poetry. It was a magical feeling that I will certainly cherish. Thank you all for having me.
Queena Bergen
Life at UOS: All the activities and initiatives undertaken by the University Of Sharjah have played a great role in the benefit of the students both cultural and entertainment. Senior testimonials: I would like to express my appreciation and how grateful I am to be a part of the International Relation’s department of the University Of Sharjah. A huge thanks to all the IR department for all the support during my academic year, I may never have been able to complete my studies, your generosity and help have been an inspiration to me. ‘Where I want to be’: I have set my goals for the next 5 years, as soon I graduate, I will be looking forward to go to Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy and hopefully I will be joining after that the Diplomatic corps or place affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My small Abaya business :etch.boutique_
Hour Abdelaziz Abdalla Abdelrahim Alzarooni owner
After attending two other universities before the University of Sharjah, I have never felt like I belonged there, even though the education system was excellent. The feeling of being "at home" and being taken care of was absent. Things changed when I arrived at the University of Sharjah, The International Relations department. Since I felt like I was around my family, I loved being around my friends and professors for hours. Our professors made our education easier and better by teaching us to learn rather than to memorize random facts to get our degree, they are the reason why we love our major and university life as well. Among the things that I will miss the most are our debates in class, watching documentaries together, and saying our opinions out loud knowing that someone is listening and cares about how we see the world today. It has been a blessing to be able to meet my friends at UOS, to sit in dorms till late hours to study together, to eat together every meal after every test. I am thankful for my professors that replied to our messages as soon as we needed them for help. thankful for those who worked hard every second in our department just to make sure that everything is perfect
Aisha Al Jasmi
International Relations/Senior Student
What does it feel too finally graduate? I feel relieved that I have finished 3 years of exams, midterms, and assignments. After an exhausting journey of late nights and endless readings, I finally reached the finish line with pride. Although I fear what will happen after collage and how everyone says that the life after you break free is harder, well good luck to me and everyone who is graduating. My journey in UOS was a blessing, I have met so many friends and professors that I would never forget. My brilliant mindset and handling my problems in a calm way was all because of UOS, and the fact that UOS made me who I am today is something that I am proud of. I had rough challenges while studying in UOS, but these particular challenges were placed on purpose to make every individual stronger and ready for what about to happen next, so thank you UOS for everything. My life changed since I walked through UOS doors, I have believed that nothing is impossible, especially if you put your mind and heart into it. UOS have taught me a valuable lesson that everyone is different and that good changes that happen to a person is beautiful and an experience you want to enjoy going through. Where I want to be in 5 years? A question that has been asked countless times. I do not want to follow a narrowed path, because I have no idea what the future holds. Although in 5 years, I imagine myself in a governmental district that respects women’s perspectives and opinions, and I will keep rising without thinking of ever falling.
Maitha Abdelaziz Mohamed Ali Alhammadi
International Relations/Senior Student
It goes without saying, coming from the UK I have been completely blown away by my experience here at the University of Sharjah. From its amazing facilities to its harmonious & culture enriching environment that constantly showcases the prestige of Islamic culture & values courtesy of his Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi. I vehemently enjoyed the intense dialogues & heated debates in my classes. I would like to thank the Department of International Relations for helping me bolster my career prospects in a humongous way. In my Internship, in the summer, I had the opportunity to help broker a business partnership that could potentially be worth millions in dollars in the coming future. I thank Allah for the grace & opportunity he has shown me & I look forward to utilizing the skill set the Department of International Relations has helped me to adopt in the real world & make a tangible difference inshaAllah. I see myself improving my networking prowess whether it be in the business sector or private sector. Helping my motherland Somalia be a better Nation & help forge strategic alliances.I do not have a company logo as of yet but hope to 1 day! please do make prayers for me insha'Allah! My father said that "Real Estate is the backbone of every economy" & that's where I'll be starting & who knows where I'll be next. I do aspire to build beautiful Masjids like Sharjah across Africa & the developing world with the permission of
Kalid Mohamed
International Relations/Senior Student
My journey in university of Sharjah was a lovely one, I unfortunately don’t have pictures to share of events or friends in the university as I was always attending my classes and leaving in a rush as I had work but despite this I really did enjoy my university days and a little sad it’s now soon to be over. My hangouts with my university friends was always out of the campus but I did meet some great people, great professors and also had a lovely university trip to London on my first year of university where I got to meet so many students. It was definitely one I will remember forever. I’m thankful for all the support I received from my professors in university, Specially professor Stephen, Many of my professors know that I run a animal rescue organization where I have also talked further about it in some of my assignments in his class like for example the course of Research Methods. He supported my work for animals rights and was thankful for my hard work for homeless pets of the UAE. Where I want to be? In the next five years, my goal is to open my own animal shelter in the UAE, have a stable job and run a few businesses. Luckily this year I was able to achieve one of my goals, opening my own pet spa where I get to then spend half of the services and sales done in my pet store towards the animals in need of help and support. Where I can help more homeless pets, make a change here and be the voice of the voiceless animals. Entrepreneurs among us. I do have my own business, it’s a pet salon and store in Sharjah Muwaileh Commercial. I also run a rescue organization since the 2014, which now grows to be bigger by opening my own pet spa
Mariam Juma Matar Alghubbi Alquraishat
Senior Studnet -International Relations
I’m really glad and appreciative that i had to experience studying in campus in uos and also experiencing online classes, what I really will be remembering is the good times and the friendships i made that became like a family to me since I’m from Kuwait and studying abroad , my friends and my colleagues in UOS didn’t make me feel like I’m away from my family and my country, UAE Has became like a second home to me all because of my friends, this experience made university and the college life so special to me . Senior testimonials: Im extremely thankful for all my friends and colleagues that made studying abroad so easy for me and so enjoyable ! , they were so supportive and so helpful in every aspect you could think of , I would also love to thank the professors that also made this experience special in many ways, specially a professor that is not in UOS anymore which DR. Arsene , he made me really love my major more and look at it in a different way , his classes were so beneficial and so interesting that i would never be bored ! In 5 years i would like to see myself working in the ministry of foreign affairs and being sent as Diplomatic Attache in an embassy and representing kuwait .
Alzain A S M Alsabah
Senior Student -International Relations Department
I truly enjoyed talking about an emerging critical subject: China in the Middle East. The students were responsive and asked questions that broadened
Sardar Aziz
Sardar Aziz is a senior adviser in the Kurdish parliament
Great team to work with
Ms.Hala Hashim
U.S. Consulate General Dubai
Excellent cooperation when doing a lecture. Looking forward to signing an MoU with Sharjah to take the cooperation further.
Prof.Hussein Solomon University of the Free State South Africa
I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to study international relations, at the University of Sharjah. This experience has kept me up to date with the current situations, it has opened my eyes to all that’s going throughout the world, and I have learned how to express myself since everyone has the freedom to do so, and this is all in return to the preference of the faculty members because I have seen the improvement and strength in my personality and it has been better for me to face the future with confidence, as they motivated me to work hard, challenge myself, and put in my maximum effort in everything I do since my first year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for constantly pushing me outside my comfort zone. Oasha Saeed AlFalasi
Oasha Saeed AlFalasi
International Relations- University of Sharjah
Year 2021-2022
Thank you for hosting my lecture in your esteemed University, it was a great opportunity to share the knowledge and general information about Korea and the diplomatic relations between Korea and the UAE, as one of many steps to promote more understanding of the Korean & East Asian culture, to enhance the connection between both sides and to bridge the gap as well. I appreciate your sincere efforts in arranging and organizing for the lecture. I was truly impressed by the participation of the students and the professors and I had a great time talking and communicating with everyone. Thank you once again.
Chun, Young-wook
Consul General of the Republic of Korea
6th of November 2019
Happy to be at #University of Sharjah Education is our common weapon to face of darkness and extremism.
The Ambassador, His Excellency Ludovic Pouille
French Embassy to the UAE
Thank you Chancellor Al Naimiy and University of Sharjah students and faculty for hosting Consul General Philip Frayne and for the opportunity to speak with you and to visit the nearby Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences! @uSharjah @ScassSharjah @philfrayne #USAinUAE
Consul General Philip Frayne
U.S. Consulate General Dubai
My love of history and my ignorance in politics have motivated me to join the International Relations program offered by the University. The program has pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to develop and improve loads of skills and achieve personal growth. It has enriched me intellectually and encouraged me to observe things with a critical mind. During the past two years, I have been able to meet unique individuals from different parts of the world and divergent cultural backgrounds; the University of Sharjah is truly a hub in which civilizations converge. It is amazing how this program increased my knowledge and confidence in a matter of two years. I have discovered my strength points and, to a certain degree, managed to overcome my shyness. I am more interested in studying international relations than I was ever before. As an IR student, I'm proud that our three years old department is currently holding the second largest program within the college of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. I believe that contrary to other majors, international relations can suit the interest of everyone because it covers subjects from everyday life and focuses on the changes and the challenges that are facing our world. Moreover, the department of IR offers a number of courses each semester to equip us with the skills and the knowledge necessary to pursue our dream careers. I hope that one day I'll be able to serve my country as its minister, and the IR program at UOS is helping me to take my first steps towards that goal. Joining this program is probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It has been a wonderful journey, so far, and I cannot wait to meet my future, graduate self.
Mira Ahmed Rashid Almualla
.E. Al Jarwan high lightened the importance of the role of studying Bachelor in International Relations in the University of Sharjah at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences as a new major in the Arab region. He emphasized the need to recruit academics who are specialized in diplomatic and political science fields to benefits from their experiences. In addition to that, H.E Al Jarwan praised the role of academics in the Program for sharing their experiences with students to educate promising generation who are aware of the importance of International Relations. H.E Al Jarwan added that he feels very satisfied and confident about his children's future.
H.E Omar Saif Al Jarwan AlShamsi
A former army officer and was in charge of administrative affairs in Ministry of Education
The International Relations Program at the University of Sharjah is one of the rare programs that is giving the best opportunity for those who have international and global ambitions that serve the aspirations of students and parents who wish to engage in regional and international activities related to the national interests. What distinguishes this Program is the large number of students who study this major, the quality of teaching, and the various subjects and courses which include economic, political, military, security and media fields. The academic staff is outstanding ; it plays a major role in raising the level of the students and boosting the image of the college of Arts , Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Sharjah. The Program also opens future horizons for students in the job market in the domestic and International levels.
H.E Saif Khalfan Alhuraimel Alshamsi
Former Director, Sharjah municipality