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Thank you for hosting my lecture in your esteemed University, it was a great opportunity to share the knowledge and general information about Korea and the diplomatic relations between Korea and the UAE, as one of many steps to promote more understanding of the Korean & East Asian culture, to enhance the connection between both sides and to bridge the gap as well. I appreciate your sincere efforts in arranging and organizing for the lecture. I was truly impressed by the participation of the students and the professors and I had a great time talking and communicating with everyone. Thank you once again.
Chun, Young-wook
Consul General of the Republic of Korea
6th of November 2019
Happy to be at #University of Sharjah Education is our common weapon to face of darkness and extremism.
The Ambassador, His Excellency Ludovic Pouille
French Embassy to the UAE
Thank you Chancellor Al Naimiy and University of Sharjah students and faculty for hosting Consul General Philip Frayne and for the opportunity to speak with you and to visit the nearby Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences! @uSharjah @ScassSharjah @philfrayne #USAinUAE
Consul General Philip Frayne
U.S. Consulate General Dubai
My love of history and my ignorance in politics have motivated me to join the International Relations program offered by the University. The program has pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to develop and improve loads of skills and achieve personal growth. It has enriched me intellectually and encouraged me to observe things with a critical mind. During the past two years, I have been able to meet unique individuals from different parts of the world and divergent cultural backgrounds; the University of Sharjah is truly a hub in which civilizations converge. It is amazing how this program increased my knowledge and confidence in a matter of two years. I have discovered my strength points and, to a certain degree, managed to overcome my shyness. I am more interested in studying international relations than I was ever before. As an IR student, I'm proud that our three years old department is currently holding the second largest program within the college of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. I believe that contrary to other majors, international relations can suit the interest of everyone because it covers subjects from everyday life and focuses on the changes and the challenges that are facing our world. Moreover, the department of IR offers a number of courses each semester to equip us with the skills and the knowledge necessary to pursue our dream careers. I hope that one day I'll be able to serve my country as its minister, and the IR program at UOS is helping me to take my first steps towards that goal. Joining this program is probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It has been a wonderful journey, so far, and I cannot wait to meet my future, graduate self.
Mira Ahmed Rashid Almualla
.E. Al Jarwan high lightened the importance of the role of studying Bachelor in International Relations in the University of Sharjah at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences as a new major in the Arab region. He emphasized the need to recruit academics who are specialized in diplomatic and political science fields to benefits from their experiences. In addition to that, H.E Al Jarwan praised the role of academics in the Program for sharing their experiences with students to educate promising generation who are aware of the importance of International Relations. H.E Al Jarwan added that he feels very satisfied and confident about his children's future.
H.E Omar Saif Al Jarwan AlShamsi
A former army officer and was in charge of administrative affairs in Ministry of Education
The International Relations Program at the University of Sharjah is one of the rare programs that is giving the best opportunity for those who have international and global ambitions that serve the aspirations of students and parents who wish to engage in regional and international activities related to the national interests. What distinguishes this Program is the large number of students who study this major, the quality of teaching, and the various subjects and courses which include economic, political, military, security and media fields. The academic staff is outstanding ; it plays a major role in raising the level of the students and boosting the image of the college of Arts , Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Sharjah. The Program also opens future horizons for students in the job market in the domestic and International levels.
H.E Saif Khalfan Alhuraimel Alshamsi
Former Director, Sharjah municipality