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​1. Strengthening community partnerships between educational academic institutions, security institutions, and community service institutions in order to inform the local community about the types of illegal narcotic substances and their dangers.

2. Helping the community identify its preventive role in protecting individuals from the dangers of illegal narcotic substances.

3. Contributing to the development of the skills of young people and university students to reject the use of illegal narcotic substances.

4. Encouraging a culture of awareness among young people and university students, helping them learn about local and international legislation to combat illegal narcotic substances.

5. Encouraging a culture of volunteerism among young people and university students, activating their role in preventing the spread of the scourge of drugs.

6. Strengthening the role of the family, achieving social security through recognition of the dangers that illegal narcotic substances present.

7. Contributing to the development of parents' skills in detecting cases of drug abuse by children, consistent with the concept of parental responsibility towards children.

8. Introducing the local community groups, including individuals and families, to the care, rehabilitation, and protection centers spread across the UAE and the means of communicating with them.