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Awareness & Education

It is a compulsive desire to continue using or obtaining a narcotic substance by any means, with a tendency to increase the dose taken, which causes psychological and physical dependence and a harmful effect on the individual and society.

Factors that lead to  falling into the scourge of​ drugs:
Factors that lead to drug addiction:Other factors EnvironmentalFamily
Weakness of religious scruples

Personality disorders

Addicted friends

Social vacuum

Weak personal control
Bad role models by parents

Parental addiction

Poor family communication  

Neglect of their children by parents

Effects of complications of drug addiction:
  • Psychological complications (e.g. personality change, decline in function and cognitive performance)
  • Mental symptoms (e.g., feeling apathetic, losing proper judgment about things)
  • Infection of the immune system (e.g. infection with sexually transmitted diseases, viral diseases such as viral hepatitis)
  • Hormonal disorders .
  •  Family relationship problems.
  • The prevalence of crimes (such as: theft and murder).