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Our Students Association

About the Students Association:
The Student Association is dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience and fostering a sense of community on our campus.

Organizational Structure:
Our organizational structure is designed to efficiently serve the needs and aspirations of our student body. We have various committees and teams working together to ensure the smooth functioning of the association.

Club Registrations

For comprehensive information on registering for the exciting activities and joining University of Sharjah clubs and societies, keep an eye out for the “Know Your University of Sharjah” segment during Orientation Week.

Registrations will take place online through the Self-Service by email to:​

Club Membership Cancellations

Requests to cancel must be emailed to :
No cancellations will be allowed after 31st of March 2024 at 16:00 
(in the event that the 31st of March falls on a non-working day, the final day for cancellations will be the nearest preceding working day).

First Issue of IR Society Magazine Click here 

PR Team

Nada Waleed (U20101102)

Shirin Mostoufi (U19201031)

Danah Atieh (U21105999)

Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi (U20200743)

Abdulla Alblooshi (U21201484)

Dima Abueisheh (U20103566)

Shaikha Al Nahyan (U20106199)

Ali Alshamsi (U20201527)

Media Team

Ammar Al Farsi (U19106183)

Ghalya Al Mazrouei (U20101983)

Salama Al Midfa (U20201249)

Shaikha Al Dahmani (U21107092)

Shamaylah Viquar (U121102710)

Shima Mohamed (U19100125)

Shouq Al Ali (U21101126)


Sumayrah Lubna (U21105740)

Ahad Alnaqbi (U22100855)

Asma'u Ali (U21102759)

Dima Abueisheh (U20103566)

Shaikha Al Nahyan (U20106199)

Solikhabonu Valieva (U19104110)

MUN Team

Asma'u Ali (U21102759)

Hamad Ahmed (U21105476)

Majduleen Al Ali (U21107219)