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Dr.Ayat Jebril Jaber Nashwan Chair OF SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Sociology

Research Interests:

  • Social work with the elderly, medical social work, family social work, social work with refugees and immigrants


-PhD in Social Work Aug 2010 - May 2014 The University of Tennessee/ Knoxville Dissertation title: Acculturative Stress and Social Support among Immigrant Arab American Adolescents in East Tennessee). - Master in Sociology Sep 2005 - Jun 2008 The University of Jordan - Bachelor in Sociology (First Student Rank) Sep 2001-Jun 2005. The University of Jordan
-Head of Sociology Department, University of Shrjah, UAE, Sep 2022- Present -Head of Sociology and Social Work Department, Yarmouk University, Jorden, Sep 2021-2022 - Director of Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Center, Yarmouk University, Jorden,Sep 2018 –Sep 2019. - Dean's Assistant for accreditation and Quality Assurance Affairs,Yarmouk University, Jorden Sep 2018 - Associate Professor / Sociology and Social Work Department Yarmouk University, Jorden, Aug 2019 - Assistant Professor/ Sociology and Social Work Department, Yarmouk University, Jorden,Sep 2014 - Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Tennessee/ Knoxville 2011 —2013 - Teaching Assistant,The University of Tennessee/ Knoxville Jan 2013 — May 2013 - Adjunct Instructor, Alahliyya Amman University Sep 2008 — May 2009
-Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan: Early Marriages in Perspective. (Local Coordinator), (2017-2020). - Humanitarian Access: Pathways for Refugees from Transit to Safe Havens (Local Coordinator),(2018). - On Political Violence: Trauma and Forced Migration in Arab and German Societies. (Local Coordi-nator),(July - Dec 2018). - Community Based Psychosocial Support in the Context of Forced Migration", 1 year. - Socio-economic Inequalities within Cities Hosting Syrian Communities in Jordan: A city level analysis (Researcher),( Sept 2018 -Dec 2019) - Reshaping Attention and Inclu-sion Strategies for Distinctively vulnerable people among the for-cibly displaced (Researcher),(Jan 2019 - Dec 2021). - Refugees, Host Communities and Sustainable Development Goals (Local Coordinator),( Jan 2019-Dec 2020). - Localization of Social Work in Arab Countries (LOSWAC),( Jan 2019-Dec 2020). - Neurodevelopmental CAre for Refugees / NeuCaRe (Local Coor-dinator),(2019-2021). - Social Protection and Sustainable Peace in the Middle East and North Africa Region: Building a new welfare-centered politics (Co-Investigator),(2020-2024) - ‘Examination of obstacles to fe-male labour market participation in Jordan (Local Researcher), (2020-2021) - 'Learning & development for a Sustainable future for refugees &host communities to promote co-existence and Socio Economic Development (LSFR)' (Local Coordinator and Trainer ), (2020-2022) - A new portal for city information modeling: systems integration in industry and sustainable urban re-generation (CIM-SUR) (local researcher), (2020-2021) - Virus Corona in Jordan :Social Analytical Study, (2020-2021) - INCLUDE: Towards more Sus-tainable Services and Solutions to SRHR needs for Youth and Refu-gees in Jordan, (Local Coordinator) (April 2020- March 2021). - Building Refugees Integration through urban development and soCial work (BRICK). (Jan 2021-Dec 2022) - Transnationalism and Localisation in Social Work: Focus on Syrian Refugees". (Jan 2021-Dec 2022)
-Nashwan, Nawyn, Karaoglu, Qaji, Qaji. (2023 Accepted). Beyond COVID Skepticism: Humanitarian assistance to refugees and hyper precarity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Migration Letters. - Ezgi Karaoğlu; Stephanie J. Nawyn; Natalynn Qaji; Natalie Qaji; Ayat J. Nashwan; Stephen Gasteyer (2023 Accepted )Refugee COVID-19 Protocol Ad-herence and NGO Staff Perceptions Paternalism and Power in Humanitarian As-sistance" Journal of International Humanitarian Action. -Barhoumi, W., Algharbawi, F., Nashwan, A.J., Alkarbi, N., Labidi, L. (2023).Faculty Members' Perspectives on the Impact of Educational Technology on the Teaching and Learning Process at the University of Sharjah (2023 Infor-mation Sciences Letters, 12(6), pp. 2587–2598 - Al-Doghmi, N., Nashwan, A., & Alkhatib, H. (2023). Shattering a New Glass Ceiling: A Case of Jordanian Women in Leading International Projects. International Journal of Soci-ety, Culture & Language, (), 1-18. doi: 10.22034/ijscl.2023.2000027.2999 - Nashwan, A.J. and Alzouabi, L. (2023), "The aftermath of the Syrian crisis: a glimpse of the challenging life of widowed and divorced refugee women in Jordan", Mental Health and Social Inclusion, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. - AlGharabawi, AlHourani, Nashwan (2023 Accepted). Social Capital and Neighborhood Se-curity in Emirates Society: A Sociological Study on a Sample of Sharjah Neighborhoods. Dirasat : Human and Social Sciences. - Nashwan AJ, Al-Fayyadh S, AL-Hadrawi H, Al-Jubouri MB, Jaafar SA, Hussein SM, Nashwan AJ, Alharahsheh MA, Kader N, Alabdulla M. (2022). Development and Initial Validation of Stigma Towards Healthcare Providers Working with COVID-19 Patients Scale (S19-HCPs). J Multidiscip Healthc. 2021;14:3125-3134
My belief is that context produces outcomes. Therefore I practice that belief in the art of teaching. The classroom climate is central to students’ learning and I emphasize not only my role in that process, but also each student and his unique contributions. Effective teaching involves not only what I teach, but also how I teach. Motivation is one of my tools to encourage students to benefit from the knowledge and apply it in their own ways to be the social workers that we need in our society. I find, for example, remembering my students’ faces and names is one of my motivational tools to help them learn and be creative.
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