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Dr.Khalil Medani HEAD OF SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Sociology

Research Interests:

  • - Development and social and cultural change. - Contemporary Sociological theories. Methods of scientific research. Islamization of Social sciences. - Applied sociology/Anthropology. Women and gender studies.


- Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 1986 in: Sociology and Social Anthropology. University of California, Riverside, USA. - Master of Science (M.Sc.) 1978 in: Sociology and Social Anthropology. Khartoum University. - Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 1975 in Social Anthropology and Sociology. Khartoum University.
Associate Professor of Sociology, Sharjah University 2014. - Head of Department of Sociology and Social Work, 2005- 2006, Nilain University - Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Economic and Social Studies, 2006-2010 Nilain University - Director of Research and Publication, Enlighten Center 2009-2013, Sudan - General Director of The Sudanese Organization for Education Development 2010-20014. - Member of Xi: The Scientific Research Society, USA. - Member of The American Anthropological Association, USA. - Member of Sudanese Studies, USA. - Member of The Sudanese Special Needs Society, Sudan.
The Culture of hyper Consumption in UAE Community & the Sociological Factors to Control it (Sociological Perspective). -Globalization and Changing Values and ethnics among youth sub-culture in AbuDabi Community. - The Dilemma of Refugees crisies, sociological prespective. - Sustainable Development and Civil arm Conflicts Sudan, Which way?
-War, Conflicts and Refugees Dilemma in the 21st century, (Towards a new Paradigm) Proceeding of the International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (International Conference on Social Science, Literature, and Education ICSSLE) Venice, Italy, July 2016 - Popular Consultation as mechanism for Conflict Resolution and Peace-making in War stricken heterogeneous Societies (case study of Sudan) International Peace Research Association University of Sierra Leone and North Umbria University, UK. 2016 -Land as a crucial factor in poverty alleviation, protection and sustainable Development (Eastern Sudan). International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social sciences, ( International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social sciences (ICSHSS15) , Phuket, Thailand July 2015 - The Influence of Socioeconomic status of Mothers on Attending Traditional Healers in Khartoum state, Sudan. In Journal of Human and Social Science Research. Vol.2, No.2 (2014), 57-65. - Assessment of Land Tenure system in relation to Rural Development. (case of Kassala and Gadarif States, Sudan. UNDP, April 2014. - Gender and Economic Decision-making. World Development Report , Gender Equality and development ,WDR 2012
Incentive award to faculty members in the field of scientific research for 2014/2015. -Incentive award to faculty members in the field of teaching for 2013/2014. -Incentive award to faculty members in the field of community service for 2012/2013. -Incentive award to faculty members in the field of scientific research for 2011/2012. -Award of the best authored book in the field of education and humanities for 2009.
Teaching for me is more than a duty or a job, it is satisfaction and gives me enjoyment. I used different means and methods in teaching, which help to create an engagement dialogue, or a two way communication between the teacher and the students. I belief that all students who can join a university are basically intelligent and capable to do well, so the goal is to help each one to trust him/her self and utilizes their inner capabilities. University education is a capacity building process and strategy, we need to build student capacities and not to spoon feed them.
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