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Dr.Ouassila Yaiche Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences College Coordinator, Al Dhaid Campus Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Sociology

Research Interests:

  • Sociology of knowledge, Classical sociological theories, Contemporary sociological theories, Methodology of scientific research, Sociology of Education and Religious sociology


•Doctor of Science, Development Sociology, 2008, Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria. Core thesis: Sociology and Ideology "Analyzing the Content of a Sample of Doctoral Dissertations". Attained with Merit. -Master's degree, Sociology of Development, 2001, Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria. Attained with Merit. -Bachelor's degree, Educational Sociology, 1997, Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria.
-Participation in the training of new university professors, the course of academic writing techniques and the model of scientific report, the high school of teachers Assia Jebbar Constantine, Algeria, from 13 March 2018 to 09 April 2018. -Expert in a Journal of "Professor Forum", ISSN: 1112-5101, Algeria: High School of Teachers Assia Jebbar Constantine since 2014 to the present day. - Expert in a Journal of Studies, ISSN: 2170-0958, Algeria: University of Constantine 2 Abdel Hamid Mehri, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Philosophy, from 2016 to the present day. -Expert in Journal of Social Researcher, ISSN: 1112-2838, Algeria: University of Constantine 2 Abdel Hamid Mehri, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, from 2016 to the present day. -Expert assessment of university qualification files, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Constantine 2 Abdel Hamid Mehri since 2016 to this day. -Evaluation of PhD projects, Department of Religion and Comparative Religion, Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Prince Abdul Qader University of Islamic Sciences since 2016 to the present day. -Member of thesis defense at Master and Doctorate level from 2012 to the present day. -Teaching several modules in graduation and post-graduation
-Member of the Cnepru Research Project at the University of Abdelhamid Mehri Constantine 2, Project Title: "Forms of Marriage in Algerian Society between the Desired and the Forbidden - Field Study on a Sample of Single Mothers in the House of Mercy Jebel Al-Wahsh Constantine", Jan 2016/2019, Project Code I05L02UN250220150001 -Member of the Cnepru Research Project at the High School of teachers Assia jebbar Constantine, Project Title: "Contemporary Characters of Algerian Thought", January 2010/2014, project code W05420090001
-Ouassila Yaiche Khezzar. Ideology and sociology: dialectic of separation and communication, Lebanon: Knowledge Forum, I, 2013. Classes in Books: -Ouassila Yaiche Khezzar, Gassmi Sonia, chennef Khadidja and Belkhairi Mourad. Techniques for designing and unloading the questionnaire, Algeria: Alpha Docs, 2018 -Ouassila Yaiche Khezzar. "The Integrative Perspective in the Interpretation of Crime", Journal of the Social Researcher, ISSN: 1112-2838, No. 13, March 2017, University of Constantine 2 Abdelhamid Mehri. -Ouassila Yaiche Khezzar. "The Concept of Ideology between Material and Ideal Tensions", Al Mukhatabet Journal, ISSN: 1737-6432, no. 19, July 2016, Tunisia: University of Kairouan. -Ouassila Yaiche Khezzar. "Khaldooni Political Thought Between Abdullah Sharit and Abdul Qader Jaghlul", Ansana Journal of Studies and Research, ISSN: 2170-0575, Vol. II, No. 14, June 2016, Julfa: University of Zian Ashour, pp. 40, 73. -Ouassila Yaiche Khezzar, gasmi Sonia and Fadhila Grine. "Islamic Women in the Face of Family and Professional Challenges: A Comparative Study between Malaysia and Algeria," Al Mukhatabet Journal, ISSN 1737-6432, No. 17, January 2016, Tunisia: Kairouan University, pp. 85, 116.
Pedagogical studies have shown that the university student learns more through dialogue and discussion than by learning to learn, and that he learns from the more able students than on his own. Therefore, my philosophy in education promotes the application of a teaching strategy based primarily on two methods: dialogue, discussion and collaborative learning. The goal is to develop critical thinking skills, to create the ability to connect theoretical and social issues, as well as to enhance social interaction skills and instill a sense of social responsibility among students
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