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Faculty Participation in Scientific Research Conferences

Faculty Participation in Scientific Research Conferences/ Fall 2017-2018


​ ​ ​ ​ ​
NumberParticipant's NameDepartmentResearch Paper TitleDateOrganizing Institution
1Dr. Xin LiuInternational RelationsReclaiming the International History of China's Modern Revolution Towards an International Theory of Culture4-5/11/2016Palacky University (Olomouc/Czech Republic)
2Dr. Eisa TaherArabic Language The Role of the Narrative in Teaching Arabic Language Skills7-8/10/2016Hankuk University for Foreign Studies
3Dr. Ibrahim TouhamiSociologyMechanisms of Comprehensive Quality Assurance in Higher Education: The Model of University of Sharjah 25-26-27/11/2016Istanbul- Turkey
4Dr. Mastour HamadSociology

University Education in Libya: Existing Obstacles and Challenges



9-10/11/2016Association of Research and Studies of the Arab Maghreb Union- Tunisia
5Dr. Fikri NajjarArabic LanguageNew Muslims: their Identity and Sense of Belonging24-25/9/2016Anwar Center for Social and Educational Studies (London- United Kingdom)
8Dr. Alaa AlTaiiSociologyModern Educational Technologies and their Effects on Enhancing Talent24-25-26/10/2016United Arab Emirates University/ Education Department/ Hamdan bin Rashed Award for Distinguished Academic Performance (Dubai)
9Dr. Saleh ZakiHistory Manuscripts of the History of Islamic Cities and their Role in Highlighting Civilizational Values: A Brief Manuscript on the History of Baghdad26-27/10/2016Bartin University (Turkey)
11Dr. Ghanim SamarraiEnglish Language

Participation in Four Workshops within his Specialization


20-21-22/10/2016Translation (Dubai)
15Dr. Najib JaradEnglish Language Attending a workshop on Applications in Educational Technology8-9-10-11/3/2017The 23rd TESOL Arabic Conference "Advancing the ELT"
18Dr. Arsene SaparovInternational Relations

Involuntary Resettlement during the last Stalinism in the Soviet Caucasus 1948- 1952

Nationalism, Bureaucratic Morass and Popular Strategies of Survival in Armenia and Azerbaijan 



Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
21Dr. Mohammad NourEnglish Language CenterConsonant Germination in Foreign Language Acquisition9-10-11/3/2017Dubai
28Dr. Mahdi Assaad ArarArabic Language

Humanities Faculties: from Originality to Modernity/ The Model of the Arabic Department



1-2-3/3/2017Qatar University
29Dr. Ahmad AlomoshSociologyThe Ideology of Terrorism in the Arab World: From the Sacred to the Profane21-22-23-24-25/3/2017The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
 Professor Mahdi ArarArabic LanguageThe Creation of the Lexicon and the Arrangement of the Electronic Platform 14-15-16/4/2017The Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Languages
 Dr. Mohammad Al HouraniSociologyThe Problematic Development of Sociology in Jordan: Knowledge, Research, and the Academic Institution 12-13/5/2017Turkish Sociology Society













Faculty Participation in Scientific Research Conferences/ Spring 2017-2018


​ ​ ​ ​ ​
NumberParticipant's NameDepartmentResearch Paper TitleDateOrganizing Institution
1Dr. Maher Ahmad Al MoubayyedArabic DepartmentArabic as a Requirement in Mutah University17-18/10/2017The Jordanian Arabic Language Complex in Amman, Jordan
2Dr. Saleh Samir NassarSociology DepartmentThe Cultural Arab Identity in a Changing World: From Heritage to Modernism  (Challenges and Prospects)25-26/9/2017Marmara University- Turkey/ European Center for Research and Consultancy
3Dr. Ahmad AlomoshSociology Department

Revisiting the Concept of Terrorism in Modern Society



Using Atla. TI for Qualitative Researchers









American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia
4Dr. Noureddine Al SaghirHistory DepartmentDigital Platform of Arabian Gulf Archives Using French Documents6-7/11/2017Institute of Contemporary History (Lisbon, Portugal)
5Dr. Ousama AbdulBariSociology DepartmentSociology as a Practice: between Social Motivations and Scientific Obstacles/ A Philosophical Perspective19-20-21-22-23/11/2017International Scientific Forum: Malaya State University/Malaysia
6Dr. AbdulFattah AbuSsayydehEnglish DepartmentTranslation in the New Millennium: Symposium Organized by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at United Arab Emirates University2/10/2017Al Ain
7Professor Nayef AlBanaouiSociology DepartmentGeopolitics and Tourism in the GCC Region19-20-21-22-23-24/11/2017United States of American - Washington
8Dr. Maryam TahaHistory Department

Participation in a Conference on Cultural Tourism in the Middle East




9Dr. Maryam TahaHistory DepartmentDoes Food Really Matter While Travelling? The Availability of Halal Foods and Its Effect on Muslim Travelers' Destination Selection, Trip Satisfaction, and Retention/Applied Study on UAE Travelers 25-26-27/11/2017Tokyo/Japan
10Dr. Najib bin KheiraHistory DepartmentIslamic Civilization: between the Sources of Moderation and the Manifestations of Extremism 19-20/11/2017Pirag- Malaysia
11Professor Mahdi ArarArabic DepartmentSeminar in Jurisprudence and Literature: Stylistic Studies8-9/1/2018The Sultanate of Oman
12Dr. Mutawakil IbrahimEnglish Department

Application of Contrastive Analysis of WH- Questions in English and Arabic to the Teaching of WH- Question Structures to Arabic Native Speakers


5-6-7/4/2018Cukurova University - Turkey
13Dr. Makkieh HemtSociology DepartmentThe Social Policy Oriented for Enhancing the Family Counseling and Therapy Services in the UAE- Analytical/Theory Study- Emirate of Sharjah8-9-10/3/2018Bangkok- Thailand
14Dr. Khattab AhmadArabic DepartmentConjugation Relationships and their Role in the Building of a Grammatical Rule12-13-14/4/2018Manouba University- Tunisia
15Dr. Abir ShaheenInternational Relations DepartmentNetwork Centric Warfare, Virtual Geography, and Regime Change21-22-23-24-25/7/2018Brisbane- Australia
16Dr. Showqi BahumaidEnglish Department

Arabization of Terminology in Discourse Analysis: Problems and Solutions


10-11-12/4/2018Riyadh- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
17Dr. Zizette MustafaSociology DepartmentThe Effectiveness of Social Deception in Facing Social Problems among Children of Disputing Parents25-26/4/2018Ajman
18Dr. Arsene SaparovInternational Relations DepartmentImperial Geographies – Russian Maps, Identity, and Legitimacy in the Caucasus3-4-5/5/2018Columbia University- New York
19Dr. Saleh Mohammad AlLahibiHistory Department

New Concepts in Building the Mentality of the Historian



Employment of Documents and Manuscripts in Research








Malaya University- Malaysia
20Dr. Ahmad AlomoshSociology DepartmentBullying Among School Students in the Emirate of Sharjah 13-14-15-16-17/2/2018United States of America- New Orleans
21Dr. Hussein AlOthmanSociology DepartmentForms of Violence Against Married Women in the UAE22-23-24-25/3/2018United States of America- Minnesota
22Professor Adnan Khaled AballaEnglish DepartmentA Medieval Dialogue on Translation 25-26-27/3/2018University of Cyprus
23Dr. Najib JaradEnglish DepartmentGetting on the Roots of Vocabulary8-9-10/3/2018Zayed University- Dubai
24Dr. Arsene SaparovInternational Relations DepartmentInvoluntary Resettlement During the Late- Stalinism in the Soviet13-14-15/4/2018Cambridge- United Kingdom
25Dr. Mohammad Fadel AlSamraniArabic DepartmentArabic Grammar Exam in Schools and Universities19-20-21/4/2018Dubai