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Department Overview

The Department of Mathematics currently offers a 4 year Bachelors in Mathematics program.

 Program Learning Outcomes

1.      Apply a broad range of core mathematical knowledge and techniques, including advanced calculus, linear algebra, geometry, differential equations, probability and statistics.

2.      Apply scientific experiments and research methods to continuously build on existing knowledge with modern and innovative ideas.

3.      Utilize mathematical knowledge and IT skills to design, implement and enhance computer programs.

4.      Function on multidisciplinary teams.

5.      Analyze statistical data to identify and solve applied scientific problems

6.      Understand professional and ethical responsibility

7.      Communicate mathematical knowledge directly and indirectly with precision, clarity and organization.

8.      Formulate mathematical models to solve real-life problems in a contemporary global and societal context.

9.      Utilize modern techniques and skills obtained to achieve pre-determined goals and improve overall performance in a professional set-up.​