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Chair's Welcome

Mathematics is a piece of art composed of and tailored from axioms through well-defined rules and theory. Mathematics is the queen of all sciences. No branch of applied natural sciences is understood or can develop without sophisticated mathematical tools. We believe that this science which enhances and trains the mind is attractive to all. This is an open invitation to join us and become a mathematician to share the benefits.​

Established in 2007, the  Department  of Mathematics provides  students at the University of Sharjah  with the opportunity to learn fundamental scientific and mathematical concepts in an atmosphere that is friendly, family like, fulfills intellectual curiosity, promotes independent thinking, and develops high ethics.
The Department offers a wide array of courses in pure and applied mathematics for all types of learners. The more adventurous student can study advanced courses in mathematics and its applications.​

Our faculty members are active researchers in the fields they teach . All are graduates of prestigious universities and are active in research and self-development. These professors, through dedication to teaching and careful guidance, help students develop meaningful and lasting bonds with science and mathematics, while providing invaluable skills for living more interesting, productive, and well-rounded lives.
Dr. Firas Ghanim Ahmed
Chair of the Department of Mathematics