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Choosing to go down the mathematics passage was the ideal decision for an individual like me, who admires understanding the hidden stories of philosophies and mechanisms. The way the courses are delivered in our program at UoS, helped me as a student to envision the secrets of all forms of mathematical equations and formulas. My peers and the faculty all made me feel like a member of a family. I have experienced an undoubtfully wonderful experience within the past 4 years, academically and socially. The environment in this University further helped me achieve many extracurricular expertise, such as public speaking and tutoring skills. It was a wonderful honour to be a part of the department, and if I were to go back in time, I would do it again for sure.
AbdulSalam Farooqi
Graduate of Class 2023-2024
" Becoming a Maths Graduate from UOS has been a huge honour. I joined the maths department having absolutely no idea about the depth of maths. I simply loved doing maths in school, which made me follow my passion to university. I do admit it was very different and challenging than what I had imagined, but I haven't regretted it even a little bit. The Maths department has definitely expanded and enhanced my knowledge in the academic life; furthermore, I have developed leadership, confidence and public speaking skills because of the various activities and events we've had in the department. My time in this department has been very memorable due to the loving support and guidance of most of our professors; they have helped me so much and I'm very thankful that I got to spend my university life with such a wonderful department. " - Minaa Farhan, U17100133, Graduate of Spring 2020 - 2021
Minaa Farhan
Spring 2020-2021
As a Math graduate of the University of Sharjah, I can tell you that there will be a moment when you look back and realize the things that once were impossible 'magical spells' that were impossible to decipher are things that you are now able to grasp and solve like puzzles. I found my skills sharpened and honed over time, as I looked up to all the supportive & talented professors and friends who helped guide me and provided boundless opportunities. I always found myself able to learn and improve, with each semester furthering who I was as a person and as a mathematician; there is this key principle that is upheld when teaching, that students would leave independent, confident, and able to continue on their academic journey which I found was the key to a lot of our development in our mathematical ability. I found myself owing a lot to the whole entirety of the UoS Math department. Mark Essa K. Sukaiti, U16104323, Graduate of Spring 2019-2020
Mark Essa K. Sukaiti
"Studying Mathematics in University of Sharjah has been a unique experience. The Maths program in UoS has been everything I had hoped for, and more. Studying Maths has been an absolute pleasure and it continues to fascinate me. Maths is the Queen of Sciences. It's is a beautiful major and I encourage people to study it and understand it. All the professors in the UoS Maths department have been extremely supportive and helpful. Their constant guidance h​elped me make the right decisions. I met many successful and inspirational people in this university. There are no words to sum up all the friends, education and experiences gained from UoS. This university has provided me with confidence and gave me the necessary push to overcome the challenges. It burdened me with the utmost pressure and as George S. Patron Jr. says, "Pressure makes diamonds" I am glad to have been a part of the Maths family in UoS."
Mariam Khalil
Representative of Mathematics Department and Member of Mathematics Society
"When I chose to be part of mathematics department It wasn't just a choice it was an identity that describes me. The department gave me the knowledge and the confident to hold the key in my hand, a key that will open the path to my future, show me the way to understand the ocean of knowledge and how to use it to help build a bridge between the known and unknown in light of mathematics. The direction that I chose now will lead me to more expectations and further challenges in my academic life. Most of people believe that if you choose mathematics then you are just going to be a teacher but that is not tru​e, you can be what you want to be, there are so many options to chose from and one of the most important jobs t​hat you can fill is being a researcher and help the world to evo​lve."
Eman Aref Adam​
Representative of Mathematics Department and Member of Mathematics Society