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Chair's Welcome

Chemistry is the “Principle Science’ where mathematics meets the applications of  the natural and physical sciences to solve real life problems and eventually,  improve our lives.  Hence chemistry has an important contribution in all areas of medical, health and engineering areas.  By understanding the chemical components of the cell through genetic profiling and chemical analysis, the area of medical diagnostics and treatments  have a major contribution in improving human health. We are living nowadays in the era of nanotechnology and smart materials where newly synthesized  chemical compounds are used in renewable energy, automotives, buildings, agriculture and environmental  sectors. 
The chemistry program at the University of Sharjah is designed to provide professional background i​n chemical sciences that will be essential for the future careers of its students and enable them to work in academic, governmental and  industrial institutions. The Department of Chemistry will work with every one of its students to develop the right opportunities  in a variety of careers which fit their interest and abilities.
The Department of Chemistry has recruited over the past few years highly qualified faculty members from various areas of chemistry. The teaching and research laboratories at the Department of Chemistry are equipped with state of the art instrumentations and are fully utilized by researchers as well as students.  Upon graduation, the chemistry students will have the expertise to work in various fields as forensics chemistry, clinical and medicinal chemistry, anti-cancer drug research, drug discovery and design, plastics and smart material, fuel cell design and renewable energy, food sciences, cosmetics chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical education and more.​

Prof. Monther Abdeljabbar Khanfar
Department Chair​