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I have chosen Chemistry as a major because simply Chemistry is life! Everything around us is Chemistry, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. The four years I have been studying Chemistry in UOS were fun especially the Labs part! It was very interesting and most importantly informative as it strengthened my skills as a chemist. Currently, I work as a Lab Officer in the Chemistry department at the University of Sharjah. Since I have graduated from the University of Sharjah, I see myself as an excellent Chemist. As I have been working as a research assistant for a year and a half and before that, I have conducted my internship in the municipality of Sharjah specifically in the food Lab section which has strengthened my skills as an Analyst and most importantly as a Chemist. Chemistry is fun whether you are a student or an employee you will definitely enjoy it!
Alaa Bihi
Lab Officer, University of Sharjah
UOS is simply a second home to me. The warmth and comfort it had provided me with and still is will always be a part of my being. All my professors are my family now and with their love and support, I can confidently say that I grew to become a better version of myself.
Chahlaa Naser Nassab
MSc Second year
My dream of getting a BSc (chemistry) at the University of Sharjah had fulfilled with high education standards. In my four years of student life, I got the highest standards of lectures by supportive and experienced professors, a friendly environment, an interest-grabbing library which helped me to complete my course. I never forget the beautiful university campus, well-equipped labs, university cultural events, my doctor's lectures, and their suggestions. After finishing my graduation from the University of Sharjah, I am working in Dubai police to serve the nation.
Afra Sami Alreyami
Dubai Police
Q: Why did you choose to study chemistry? Since chemistry is our life so the career options in chemistry are practically endless! Also chemistry opens many opportunities for different work. Q: What are the areas of work in Chemistry? Chemistry enables you to work in many areas such as: teaching, environmental law, medical laboratories, criminal laboratories, different industries, and military. Q: How do you see yourself in chemistry? Chemistry is the “Central Science” in which fundamental principles and process details of many subjects are understood in terms of chemistry. Also chemistry provides us with a better understanding of the world we live in, and explain to us much of what is going in it.
Ibrahim Mohammed
Fourth Year