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Dr.Hussain Alawadhi Director of Center for Advanced Materials Research Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics - Spectroscopy of Semiconductors

Research Interests:

  • -Growth and Characterization of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMSs) -Computer Simulation of Semiconductors -Modulation Spectroscopy -Use of micro-Xray fluorescence (μXRF) in environmental and archaeological applications


-Ph.D., Physics (Experimental Condensed Matter), Purdue University (West Lafayette, USA), December 1999. Thesis advisor: Professor A. K. Ramdas. - M.Sc., Physics, Purdue University (West Lafayette, USA), May 1993. -B.Sc., Physics and Mathematics, Iowa State University (Ames, USA), December 1988.
-2012-present: Associate Professor, Univeristy of Sharjah -2000-2012: Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah -June 2010: Visiting Scientist, University of Western Ontario (Canada) -Summers of 2000-2012: Visiting Scientist, Purdue University (USA) -1993-1999: Graduate Research Assistant, Spectroscopy of Semiconductors, Purdue University -1990-1993, June 99-Dec 99: Graduate Teaching Assistance, Department of Physics, Purdue University
-2016-present: Director of Center for Advanced Materials Research -2012-2015: Director of the X-Ray Center for Material Analysis -2004-2008 and 2013/14: Chairman of Applied Physics Department, University ofSharjah -2009-2012: Coordinator of the National X-ray Fluorescence Lab, University of Sharjah -2001-2008: Physics Labs Coordinator, University of Sharjah
-American Physical Society (APS)
- Enhancing Analytical Capabillities for Environmental and Archaeological Applications PI 1.65 million IAEA 2012-2015 - Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Oxides/ Hydroxides Nanoparticles by Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis for Supercapacitors Applications PI 100,000 University of Sharjah 2014-2017 - Microstructural, optical and thermal investigation of copper oxide nano-materials as selective absorbers for solar collectors applications Co-PI 100,000 University of Sharjah 2014-2017 - Identifying PM2.5 Pollution Sources in Some Urban Areas of Sharjah PI 80,000 University of Sharjah 2016-2018 - Reduced Graphene Oxide-based Double Layer Capacitor for Alternating Current Line Filtering Application Co-PI 160,000 University of Sharjah 2016-2018 - Novel Metal Oxide/Amorphous Composite Coatings for Enhancing Silicon Solar Cells Photoconversion and for High Sensitivity Gas Sensors Co-PI 80,000 University of Sharjah 2016-2018 - Investigation of air pollutants and source apportionment in urban environments of ARASIA Member States related to PM10 and PM2.5 of atmospheric aerosols using nuclear and related analytical techniques Co-PI 2.02 million (for all 7 member states) IAEA 2016-2018 - Enhancement of the power output and efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by investigating the counter electrode construction and natural organic sensitizers Co-PI 400,000 Sharjah Research Academy& Univeristy of Sharjah 2018-2020 - High-speed Micro-plasma-based True Random Bit Generator for Real-time Encryption Applications Co-PI 350,000 Dubai Electronic Security Center 2019-2021 - Enhancing the Performance of Low-Cost Ball- Milled Graphene in Energy and Environmental Applications Co-PI 70,000 University of Sharjah 2017-2019 - On the Chaotic Behavior of Electric and Spectral Emission Responses of Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis Co-PI 80,000 University of Sharjah 2016-2019 - Coherent control of two-electron spin quantum bits in undoped GaAs/AlGaAs semiconducting quantum device Co-PI 80,000 University of Sharjah 2018-2020 - Novel metal oxide/nanoporous composite coatings for enhancing silicon solar cells photoconversion and for high sensitivity gas sensors Co-PI 80,000 University of Sharjah 2017-2019
- Kais Daoudi, Mounir Gaidi, Hussain Alawadhi, Soumya Columbus, Di Zhang, Anis Allagui, Mohamed Shameer and Aya Taieb, "Structural effects of silver-nanoprismdecorated Si nanowires on surface-enhanced Raman scattering", Journal of Nanotehnology 31 (2020) 255706 - E. T. Sayed, T. Eisa, H. O. Mohamed, M. A. Abdelkareem, A. Allagui, H. Alawadhi, K. Chae; Direct urea fuel cells: Challenges and opportunities; Journal of Power Sources 417, pp 159-175 (2019). - A. A. Mohamed, S. N. Neal, B. Atallah, N. D. AlBab, H. Alawadhi, Y. Pajouhafsar, H. E. Abdou, B. Workie, E. Sahle-Demessie, C. Han, M. Monge, J. M. Lopez-de-Luzuriaga, J. H. Reibenspies, M. M. Chehimi; Synthesis of gold organometallics at the nanoscale; Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 877, pp 1-11 (2018). - M. K. Hameed, I. M. Ahmady, H. Alawadhi, B. Workie, E. Sahle-Demessie, C. Han, M. M. Chehimi, A. A. Mohamed; Gold carbon nanoparticles mediated delivery of BSA: Remarkable robustness and hemocompatibility; Colloids and Surfaces A 558, pp 351-358 (2018). - A. H. Alami, K. Aokal, A. Abu Hawili, R. Hasan, H. Alawadhi; Facile preparation of graphene coated copper electrodes via centrifugal milling for capacitive deionization applications; Desalination 446, pp 51-58 (2018). - T. Jan, S. Azmat, B. Wahid, M. Adil, H. Alawadhi, Q. Mansoor, Z. Farooq, SZ Ilyas, I. Ahmad, M. Ismail; Chemically synthesized ZnO-Bi2O3 (BZO) nanocomposites with tunable optical, photoluminescence and antibacterial characteristics; Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 84, pp 71-75 (2018). - Z. Said, A. Allagui, M. Ali Abdelkareem, H. Alawadhi, K.Elsaid; Acid-functionalized carbon nanofibers for high stability, thermoelectrical and electrochemical properties of nanofluids; Journal of Colloid Interface Science 520, pp 50-57 (2018). - A. E. Rojas, A. Allagui, A. S. Elwakil, H. Alawadhi; True random bit generators based on current time series of contact glow discharge electrolysis; Journal of Applied Physics 123 (20), pp 203301 (2018). - M. A. Abdelkareem, Y. Al Haj, M. Alajami, H. Alawadhi, N. Barakat; Ni-Cd carbon nanofibers as an effective catalyst for urea fuel cell; Journal of environmental chemical engineering 6 (1), pp 332-337 (2018). - M. A. Abdelkareem, Y. Al Haj, M. Alajami, H. Alawadhi, N. Barakat; Ni-Cd carbon nanofibers as an effective catalyst for urea fuel cell; Journal of environmental chemical engineering 6 (1), pp 332-337 (2018). Please go to CV for complete list of publications
-Rashid Award for Scientific Excellence, Dubai (November 19, 2000). -Sharjah Bank Research Award: University of Sharjah, Sharjah (May 31, 2003). -Best Research Award: The 10th Annual UAE University Research Conference, Al-Ain (2009).
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