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Seminar on Resolving accretion disks with quantum optics

SASST 10 MAR 202212 AM

Seminar is ​organized by SASST on Thursday 10 March 2022  (12:-13:00).

The speaker is Dr. Roland Walter from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Resolving accretion disks with quantum optics:

Accretion disks around compact objects are known since about 50 years however their 

study has been limited because they are unresolved sources in the optical/ultraviolet 

and X-rays, where they emit. Hanbury Brown & Twiss intensity interferometry has been 

discovered in the 1950s, and explained as a quantum effect in the early 60s. Extremely 

large telescopes and fast single photon detectors bring the key improvements to build 

now the perfect intensity interferometer. Correlating the arrival times of photons detected 

by the Very Large Telescopes, CTA Cherenkov telescopes and soon the Extremely Large 

Telescope allows to reach resolutions of nano to pico degree in the optical and reconstruct 

images of accretion disks and jets in galactic and extragalactic sources.


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