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International Geoscience Program (IGCP) Virtual Workshop

Zoom Meeting 19 JUL 202112 PM


Join Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 930 1204 1846

Objective of the workshop: 

The project “A new karst modeling approach along different tectonic contacts” is listed under the UNESCO projects and specifically the International Geoscience Program (IGCP)  with code number 715. 

The project initiative comes from the need to describe vast karst systems (underground fissures, openings and caves). The significance of karst systems  originates from their capacity to hold  groundwater. In this project we are going to investigate karst systems in different areas around the world from Greece to UAE, Oman and China. We want to relate the karst formation with the motion in the Earth Tectonic Plates and discover the major relations of vast karst formation with tectonic deformations.

In this ambitious initiative, we are going to train and educate cavers, mountain enthusiasts , trekkers, students, nature lovers, to gather information and to record significant otherwise easy to collect field data. We need to make not specialized to geoscience people, and young students to appreciate the nature “asset” called karst by engaging them in research questions through intuitive learning. Field work and field teaching in geoscience is a great intuitive learning tool and that is what we target to convey through IGCP-715 project.

Program :

>> Time Norway: 10:00 am, Greece: 11:00 am, UAE:12:00 pm, China 16:00

Speaker: Dr Daniel Moraetis

Presentation: Workshop and IGCP-715 objectives. UAE, introduction in Geology and karst development


>> Time Norway: 10:15 am,  Greece: 11:15 am, UAE:12:15, China 16:15

Speaker Dr Christos Pennos, Karst Geologist-Caver

Presentation: How karst landforms in tectonically active settings can help us unravel uplift histories.


>> Time Norway: 10:30 am,  Greece: 11:30 am, UAE:12:30 pm, China 16:30

Speaker: Dr Babbis Fassoulas, Structural Geologist

Presentation: Introduction in Geology of Western Crete and karst development


>> Time Norway: 10:45 am,  Greece: 11:45 am, UAE:12:45 pm, China 16:45

Speaker: Dr Sofia Neratzaki,  Environmental Engineer

Presentation: Koiliaris Critical Zone Hydrology, types of modeling on karst hydrology, uncertainties and space for improvement


>> Time Norway: 11:00 am, Greece: 12:00 am, UAE:13:45 pm, China 17:00

Speaker: Dr Xuan Yu

Presentation: The iconic Guangxi Zhuang karst, karst geology and hydrology


>> Time Norway: 11:15 am,  Greece: 12:15 am, UAE:13:15, China 17:15

Speaker: Dr Andreas Scharf, Structural Geologist

Presentation: Introduction in Geology in Oman-Salma plateau and the impressive Majlis al Jinn sinkhole


>> Time Norway: 11:30 am, Greece: 12:30 am, UAE:13:30, China 17:30

Speaker: Mr Kostas Adamopoulos, Caver

Presentation: Whats does it mean for cavers and mountain lovers the "1000 and 1 Caves "fairy tail" in Lefka Ori Massif


>> Time Norway: 11:45 am,  Greece: 12:45 am, UAE:13:45, China 17:45

Open discussion on the workshop outcomes and planning for future actions

Forthcoming scheduled fieldtrips :

  • Greece-Crete-Lefka Ori 22-23 June 2021
  • United Arab Emirates-Jabal Hafit, 13-November2021
  • China-Guangxi Zhuang karst October 2021
  • Oman-Salma Plateau November 2021

For participation contact Dr Daniel Moraetis:

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